Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ice days galore

Ever since last Thursday we have been ICED in our house!!! YIKES that would be 5 days now, if one were counting.  Thankfully Thursday Miss H and I went to the grocery store for a few things, but had I of known we were going to get 3 inches of SOLID ice I would have grabbed a few more things.  Poor Chris has not been to work since Thursday either…although he is lucky enough to be able to work from home it isn't the same I am sure.  We are also very blessed to have had power the whole time, unlike the snow storm in 2010…you can read that here

Needless to say we have had a nice 5 days of family fun around here.  Chris has become a pro at building fires.  Miss H has become a pro at playing with every toy in the house and leaving it out.  I have been a pro at figuring out what we can eat with our few supplies :-)  We have gone outside to enjoy the ice some too.  Miss H is amazed by the ice, but I have made sure she understand this is not snow. I don't want her confused ha ha.  Here she is on her first adventure out.

time to warm up now..

Our neighborhood had a sledding party the first day of ice!  We didn't last too long because it was very windy that day.  Miss H got cold pretty quick.

Ice angels!

After that we had some fun sledding with the Webbs, Miss H's BFF!!  As crafty as we are here in Texas we created some great sleds from boxes.  T's sled was better though it was a plastic lid with her booster seat for eating attached.  Both girls enjoyed their sledding time!  I think both daddies enjoyed it even more!  As for the moms…we had fun, but tried to keep the dads from killing our babies ha ha!

The sweet Webbs

Okay I love these next few pics because you can see the girls heads go back when pushed…then back up as they start heading down! ha ha

One of the super sweet neighbors down the street made our day yesterday.  They have 4 wheel drive and were able to get out…and brought back Sonic for us!  You would have thought it was gold, we were so excited. Look how cute the girls were as we walked down for our Sonic party.

Honestly it was the best burger in a while and I am sure that is just because we have been eating the same stuff here.  We had such a nice time down there.  I love having wonderful neighbors.  Today we had to go to town!!  Poor Winston has been itching his ear since Friday…and well he has an ear infection.  We needed to get him looked at and some meds for sure.  Plus we needed FOOD and so did Kacie's family.  So as nervous as I was to take my new car out in the ice we did.  Chris managed to get it up the drive way…due to his great shoveling yesterday, nice work honey!  Off we went…on our adventure.

While Winston was at the vet we walked down to good old Target.  This Target is not a super one but they still carry food.  Actually they probably had the most food in town because people don't really go there for it.  AHH was it nice to be out of the house!!! I mean we walked around and enjoyed checking things out.  Miss H was so excited she ran up and down the rows just screaming with joy.  I couldn't help but laugh that even a 22 month old was happy to be out of the house!  Once we bought the items we could (everything but meat and bananas I think) we too off.  Safely arriving back home we settled back in for another night in our ice fort.  Due to our freezing temps every night all the ice just keeps on sticking around.   Honestly the neighborhoods are awful so no school again tomorrow here for most people!  Hope the rest of you are safe and sound…and not going to crazy from being home so long :-)

Here are some other random funny pictures or videos!!

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Love the ice sledding! Stinks that you were cooped up inside for so long, but glad that you are safe!