Sunday, December 01, 2013

Gingerbread Houses and Goodbyes

Saturday is our traditional Gingerbread house day!! I love this day and so does Chris's family.  Their club host a party where you make gingerbread houses.  They provide all the stuff you just decorate and eat your hear out.

I was super excited to have H enjoy the party this year…although worried she would eat her weight in candy!  She like it but wasn't overly excited.  She had fun for the first few moments but then she and Nana went walking around.  Normally it is girls vs boys…this year we just kind of all worked together.

After all our fun we had to rush off to the airport! BOO everyone was sad.  I swear this trip goes faster and faster each time.  We have a blast while we are there can could always managed an extra day or two.  Although I know Nana is happy to have her house back to normal…tripping over toys is only so fun for so long, believe me I know!!  Hope your Thanksgiving break was as amazing as ours!!
our little traveler all ready to go home on the plane

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