Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas week & photo dump

We went to my parents for Christmas as always.  Of course we had a blast there with all of our family!  My sister and co go too…making for a busy house but man what a blast. I really loved this year as Miss H was big enough to understand more and participate in things.  Our drive there was fine until the last hour… as they were getting snow all day.

However minus the roll over beside us and car sliding around a corner we made it fine.  Plus the snow gave the kiddos great fun the next morning.  This is the 3rd year in a row that it has snowed on Christmas/or the trip there.

After fun out in the cold it was time to warm up.  What better way to warm up than by making Christmas cookies!!!  My sister and I have been making Christmas cookies together since I can remember.  We always went to my grandma's and did it.  This is a family tradition that will NEVER go away! We even use the same cookie cutters and chat about memories from her house.  I can't wait till my mom and dad finish remodeling my grandparents house and move in…then we will be in the same kitchen with our tradition again!

Oh the traditions…they don't end with cookies! Of course we have to have our annual Christmas picture with Santa!  Yes we take a picture with Santa every year, my grandma loved it.  Since her passing we have continued this as well…but now its not just Abby and I! Both our families take the picture together…Santa has to clear a big space for all of us!

Once Christmas Eve arrived all the kiddos were excited! B kept asking all day how long till Santa comes, it was 8 am when he began asking! Having Miss H's cousins there really adds to the fun.  Each kiddo picked out a cookie for Santa.  We left him milk and water (Because Ems thinks he may get sick of milk after all those house).  Then they got the carrots out for the reindeer…and placed them in the driveway!  They also go to open a book and jambes!! We were prepared for Santa and off to bed the kiddos went.  Of course much excitement and giggling went with bed time…needless to say they managed to get to sleep at some point.

The next morning was CHRISTMAS!! Everyone was excited and ready to tear into the living room.  Thankfully we have a little gate we put up to hold the kiddos back till mommy's and daddy's get their camera ready! The joy and excitement went on and on…Miss H wanted a horse and man did she get one plus so much more! 

Needless to say Christmas was over the top as always! We loved spending time with our family and friends.  Miss H is sad to be back home without Uncle B and her cousins…she really loved Uncle B this trip :-)  Hope your Christmas was as Merry as ours! 

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