Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa at AXA

Thank heavens the sun came out…I thought we were going to miss one of the best events around!  Chris' work is so wonderful when it comes to family fun.  Every year Santa comes to the office for the children.  He also brings each kiddo a gift…can you believe that?  This party is all about the kids from the food to the entertainment.  

Of course this is our big SANTA moment! You know the one that I have been talking to my child about for weeks now.  The reason why I stop at the mall every other day for her to see SANTA..not because I love the mall traffic or play area.  Many discussion have been based on this party so when we were iced in you can imagine how sad that made me.  All my hard work preparing Miss H to not cry and take one GOOD picture, could be lost.

No worries my friends because the sun came out all day TUESDAY…thus our driveway began to melt as well as our neighborhood streets.  We were FREE!!!  Besides the excitement about Santa we were excited to be out of the house finally.

Miss H was super excited she talked about Santie (what she has named Santa) all day long.  She talked about how she was going to dada's work and Santie brings present.  She talked about how she wouldn't cry but didn't want to sit on his lap either.  We discussed that she could stand beside him to take the picture if she liked that better.  She felt that was a good idea.  Also we chatted about house Santie's wife Mrs. Claus would be there.  Then she became known as Claus, this girl and her names!!

Thankfully we made it safe and sound to the party and boy was Miss H excited!  We got there a little early so she could check it all out.  Plus I didn't want her to freak out when Santa came in.  He and Mrs. Claus come in to the conference room and sit by the tree.  They chat to the kids and just have fun.  Really it is the best one on one with Santa any kid could ever want.  Miss H was super excited to because her friend B was there.  B's mommy and I taught together…and now their daddy's work together.  I love how they are growing up as friends.

Miss H had to give her a big hug when she got there

The grand entrance of Santa!!! Well Miss H saw him coming and immediately began to CRY!!  NO NO NO…we talked this over why oh sad mom moment.  No worries thought I asked Santa to do Miss H's gift last.  He began with some of the bigger kids.  Miss H only cried for about 3 minutes then really watched.  She watched as each kid when up sat between Mrs. Claus and Santa.  Then listened to them talk about gifts and get their present.  By the time it was her turn she was all smiles…okay not crying at least!   We walked up and she instead that I sit with her.  Sure as long as you are not crying I will do anything!!  WE did it!  WE got a non crying picture…can't say its her best smile but I will take it.

Once she sat there took her pictures she promptly told Santa that she would like a horse please.  He smiled and told her that it was a big gift so he would try.  Then he gave her a gift to open.  She was so excited about this.
 Our 2 pictures with the jolly guy!!
Of course she is doing her new cheessseee smile! 

Had to get one with both girls, who were not fans of Santa

So excited she got Baby Jese as she calls him
After opening her gift she was much happier to visit with Santa…she took him some of her toys too! Then as we were walking out the door she told them all good bye…and followed it up with a finger point and Santa and "HORSY" As if she was reminding him what she wanted!  Oh how I adore this child!

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

What a fun tradition! Love all of her talking. You are such a good Mommy for all of the prep work you do with her - at least the tears didn't last too long.