Monday, January 20, 2014

Miss H's birthday day!

Thursday was Miss H's actual birthday!  Of course we wanted to make her day special so it was a day of anything you want!! Thankfully we have been having great weather this past week.  Miss H of course wanted to go to the zoo for her birthday.  H woke up early and got to enjoy breakfast with daddy before he took off for work. I am so glad he got some time with her on her special day!  Then we cleaned up and took off for the ZOO!!

Miss H was so excited about going because we haven't been since before Christmas.  We had a blast the whole time and were in no rush.  We got to see everything she wanted except 2 things.  The baby elephants Bell and Bowie were not may have been a bit chilly for them.  Also the Yellow Rose Express train is out of commission until Feb!! YIKES!!  That's okay she happily took the horse ride over the train anyways!

 The sweet hippo was out and about..not a normal thing so we were excited!

 We love these otters…they are so playful!

 Enjoying the petting zoo, which we never do! 
 We had a blast!!
 Showing off her tamps!!
After the visit she always ask for a tamp…stamp and they are always so inky!!  See her nose..that would be from her tamp because her nose itched! No matter how many times I blot them she ends up with it on her face somewhere. Ha

helping Papa with her banner for her stand
After the zoo we headed home to meet up with BB and Papa!!  They were headed down to help set up for the birthday fun.  We sure are thankful they came to help.  Once Chris got off work we all went to dinner.  Miss H likes Texas Road house because they have peanuts and rolls.  Of course we would go where she wanted for dinner.  Plus she got to have some ice-cream since it was her special day!

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Love that you celebrated Miss H's day with her. So nice that the weather cooperated too!