Sunday, January 12, 2014

Perks of a small town

In our world the fun and holiday madness doesn't end until after MLK weekend.  Finish Christmas and New Years to only jump into BIRTHDAY craze!!  This year we are doing a Milk and Cookies party!  Miss H is very excited she loves cookies…I am excited because this was suppose to be her 1st birthday theme.  However, I wanted to have the party in our house and well….last year our house was no where near ready!

Thus far I have made many items…but the most fun would have been today!  Oh and did I mention my mom came down for a quick weekend trip, not to worry she will be back next weekend too ;-)  Small town life is always full of charm right? Anyways there is this little shack in town that people use as a sign.   I am sure it was like an old well house or something back before city water and such.  This shack is right next to the main road in town.  3 sides of the shack face the road and gosh who knows how long it has been the TOWN SIGN!  It is a sign for anything…and I adore it.  Every since I knew we were moving to A town I have looked forward to the moment we got to paint the "sign"

Thankfully we had a semi nice day here and that my mom stuck around to help!!  Our mission today…Birthday sign for Miss H!!  We had a blast doing it.  It also came with many lessons learned!  1) you can't have too many supplies.  I had to run home for a minute to grab some extra things, mom stayed to keep the sign safe lol.  2) Always check paint lids 3) Have a blast!!

Mom and I had a grand old time laughing and painting the shack.  Miss H came up at the end for a quick look too!  She loves it!!  She says Happy to me!!!  Here is a little look at our adventure. I will post all the birthday party pics after this weekend.

Okay so BRETT turned 13 earlier this month.  You can see in the bottom corner 1/5 meaning that either his birthday was that day or they wanted the sign up until then.  Thus our sign says 1/20 because her birthday is 1/16 but her party is 1/18!!  We hope all our guest see it as they drive into town and our house!! 

 Sorry Brett away it all goes…why gray well it was the "mis-tented" color that Lowe's had on sale for 5 bucks!! Thanks to whom ever didn't like their color!!
My sweet mom busy working so I could take pictures and document!  Our gray did a wonderful job of covering all those crazy spots.  

Did I mention the WIND!! Oh my heavens the wind today was crazy up to 40 mph wind gust.  Thankfully this side of the shack was a little less windy so we used it as our paint area.  Not to worry many things still tried to blow away!! It was crazy out there today. 

Step one done!! All those crazy spots gone and a fresh start for Miss H's sign! 

Phase 2…her age!  This was a little harder to do the 2, all those years of paint has made the shack very bumpy!! 

Her name and our important date!!  I hope that others respect our dated!! 

It needed a little something else.  Ideally I would have loved to make a milk jar or cookie!  However I know my talent and well its not that great.  We went with something a little easier and I love it. 

Oh…um this is the 2nd rule!  Mom just sat the lid on our paint can, and told me but well I guess I forgot!  Went to give it a small shake and hummmm you can see how that ended up! 

Thankfully we still had enough paint in our what was full can!! We added some candles for our little extra!!  The candles are Miss H's favorite part too so I am glad mom thought of them.  Moms are the best! 

Here it is FINISHED!!  Chris brought H up to check it out..sadly the wind was just too much! She loves it but we didn't get any good pics because of the wind.  Not to worry I plan for a mini session out there this week :-) 

see my crazy hair…hence the wind! 

This is the sign as you drive into town! You can see almost all of it..except my happy birthday part but that is okay. 

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

So fun! Just a few more days! Happy almost birthday Harper!!