Thursday, January 16, 2014

Miss H is 24 months….2 Years old!!

Today was the happiest day of our lives two years ago!  Although it was a long day…it was the happiest ever.  Two years ago Chris and I welcomed the sweetest girl into the world!  Miss H you sure didn't want to come right out and meet us, but man where you worth the wait. You can read all about her arrival here and here.

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet little girl!  We love you so much I can't even express it.  Every day you amaze us at what you can accomplish.  I am pretty sure you are going to make an amazing mommy the way you treat your sweet Baby Claire.  You bounce her and rock her everyday to make sure she is happy.  You even take her in her carseat in the car.  Baby Claire is just like family to us thanks to you.

The past few weeks I feel like you have really changed.  You are a runner…nothing stands in your way!  You don't walk ANYWHERE, it is always a run.  You run to grab a toy, run to get daddy, run to throw something away…run, run, run!! Some days it makes mommy very tired all your running :-)

Oh the talking man you are a little chit chat girl! I am not sure where you get that from?? However you can pretty much carry on a full story with me about anything.  You are such an expressive person too…I love the faces and empathy you put into some stories.  When you hear another baby crying you always talk about how sad they are or that they need their mommy…I'm pretty sure you would run over and help if I would let you! Your new favorite thing this week is to talk about the days of the week.  I am sure it is because we have been talking about how your birthday is on Thursday but your party is on Saturday.  When someone ask when your birthday is you say Saturday…and then go on about how you will have cookies at it.  Then when daddy asked you a question yesterday you answered so sure, "yeah on Thursday" Daddy looked at me like you were crazy…and said so now we refer to the days of the week?  I love it!  I love how you soak it all in and then just go.

You have begun to have some major 2 year old moments…but most of the time it is right before bed or nap time.  I think it is more being tired than anything.  However you have that screaming, crying, fit thing down.  Some times it is over the silliest of things and others it is because you just didn't get your way.  No matter what you do know what a time out is.  I can warn you then you will bring me your paci (if you have it) and head to time out.  You are a very good listener and I love that.  You mind mommy and daddy most of the time!  Again your 2 year old self can get in the way…but you know when we mean business!

Your favorite things right now are: riding your horse and four wheeler in the house.  You are getting better about not hitting mommy's walls and steering!  I am thankful for that! You are loving your babies this month.  You got a little doll house from Santa and have really enjoyed playing with that.  You can really use your imagination too.  You talk to them just like they are real.  I love it! Daddy is one of your favorite things right now…you love him so much! You talk about him coming home all day and when he walks in you scream and run.  He normally can't put you down to even get changed from work.  I love that you adore him.

Harper you were worth the 2 days of labor you put me through.  Plus the pretty mark I will always have to remind me of you :-)  We can't wait to see what the next year brings…I can tell you one thing it will bring many days of love, laughter, and joy.  Happiest of birthdays to our special little girl!!

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Happy Birthday Miss H. Hope your day is as special as you are!