Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trains, animals, and birthday fun!

To top off Miss H's birthday fun we took the family out for some good old fun!  Well fun Miss H style that is!! We started at the little mini train that runs outside out zoo from one park to another.  This train ride is fun for little ones.  It's about a 45 minute ride and you stop for popcorn and cokes half way through.  I mean does it get any better than that?

Chris' family with Miss H!!  Nana in a picture..FINALLY!

B wanted to ride up front…so Miss H, daddy, Nana, and RiRi joined him

Queen Tia, Uncle B, Emmy, and sweet baby G

Aunt RiRi with H and the train

Nana and RiRi enjoying the ride with silly Miss H

Poor G had to borrow H's jacket because its not cold in his area…and it was here! But I love how they are holding hands in this picture! 

After the train ride my sister and co had to head home!  You know they have work and stuff to get back to.  We are so glad they made it down for Miss H's big day!  Then Teri, RiRi, Chris, Miss H, and I took off for the Stock Show! You know how Miss H loves animals..this was heaven for her.  She loved seeing all the baby cows, goats, chicks, and more.  

baby chicks

found a sweet horsey to pet

mmm corn dog

sweet baby goats
We really had a blast.  It was a super fun family day!  I can't imagine Miss H enjoying her birthday in any other way…than with her family and friends. What an amazing birthday weekend!! Happy birthday my sweet 2 year old girl!

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