Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome to Miss H's Cookie Bar

Miss H's 2nd birthday as most of you know was a Milk and Cookies party!!  We had a blast at her party.  I am pretty sure everyone had a good time.  I mean come on to eat cookies the whole party is a grand idea for little ones!  I had a blast planning this one too.  I began this party actually when she was almost one…but then didn't do it for her first birthday because we had not moved into our new house.  I wanted to have it at our house and our rent house I didn't think was cute enough.  So instead for her 1st birthday we did an all about Miss H party…you can see it here. Thus my Milk and Cookies party just continued to be a dream for birthday number 2!! I am sure it was all meant to be too because Miss H loves cookies this year…and last year she would have had no idea since I never let her have one! 

Here is our sweet birthday girl in all her glory!!  This was on Friday when we picked up her cake!  Our sweet friend made her cake to match perfectly and even made a little stand above the cookies!! Love it!!

 Miss H outside of the house with her little birthday set up…so the guest would know where to come. 
Her birthday table!!  A wide view of all the goodies

 Our Milk and milk shots with a mini chocolate chip cookie on top! 
 Funfeti cookies and mini chocolate chip cookies 
 The table cloth we use is a twin sheet…I had her name monogramed on it in the middle.  Every year the guest write a little note and sign the table cloth.  My sweet niece has been using hers since her first birthday…she just turned 10 this year and it is finally full!  Looks like we have 8 more years on this one..so excited! 
 Her Milk and Cookies stand!! 
 The banner I made on my cricut love it.  Here big letters I used last year also they just got a new paint job and hung up!!  Last year they were pink and a more blue rather than aqua. 
The close up on her stand…Yes this is the Milk and Cookies Stand my mom and I built back in October!!  Can you believe we have been working on it all since then, ha ha.  My mom made this cute pendent banner too…Dad and Miss H strung them up and put it on.  
A few more views of the cuteness!! 
Her stand held the mike, milk jars, straws, and 2 cookies!  
Strawberry milk, Chocolate milk, and whole milk 
Milk jars for those who wanted to make their own milk.  Thank you to Outback Steak house for allowing us to purchase these jars.  I searched for months online for these and they were crazy in price. Thankfully we found a nice person at Outback that allowed us to pay their cost for them. 

 the left side of her table…Had her amazing cake!! The H that I made with cookie crisp cereal.
Two cookies, Rolo cookies and sugar cookies…which were both big hits!!  Also the Walgreens brag book which was free a few weeks ago!  
 Her cake! 
The goodie bags for our guest to take home…They had a book (3 types) donated by Chick-fil-a.  I wanted to purchase them but they wouldn't allow me. We love Chick-fil-a they are the best around! The kids got one of these Click Clack Moo, Dooby Dooby Moo, Thump Quack Moo. They also got a ring pop because what kid doesn't love that.  Then a snack trap with animal cookies inside!! 

 Miss H and her table.  Her sweet shirt was made by a local girl in town.  I had the leggings and tutu and she helped me match it perfectly! 

 Two years of monthly photos…the bottom one is from 1-12 months which I used at her first birthday.  The top row is 13-24 months…and black and white for our theme this year.  I think I will still take monthly pics because I love them so. 
Miss H enjoying a little cookie and milk before her guest arrived!! 

 It doesn't get any better than this!! I mean really!!

My two favorite pictures of the whole day!!! I adore the smile on her face. Priceless 

This girl was DONE with pictures…ha ha can't you tell!  But we snuck in one more with her and her cousins.  

We also had a bounce house at the party!  If you are going to eat cookies you need to work all that sugar off right?  Here are some pictures of all her friends enjoying the cookies, bounce house, and more! 
 Oh how I love these two together…Sweet Baby G and Miss H cousin love. 
Sharing a cookie with her bestie T who lives across the street. 
Becca with her 2 little cuties!! 

My sweet niece Little Bear signing her name!  
Little Bear, B and Aunt RiRi all enjoying the party!   
Who me…what I am 2!! That's what people keep saying!! 

Time for singing and cake…she loved listening to everyone sing 

While the kid enjoyed the bounce house all day, even after the party!!  My sweet mom and dad had the daunting task of getting the stand out!  Did I mention that in order to get it in the house or out of the house we had to REMOVE the front door!! YIKES!  But my parents are awesome and knew how badly I wanted the stand inside for the party.  I love them
Taking the stand out…if we had only made it 2 inches shorter in width! Well lessons learned lol but it was totally worth the door being removed right? 

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