Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pumpkins and Pancakes at the Zoo!!

BRRRR…of course it would become freezing cold the week we have Pumpkins and Pancakes at our zoo.  No worries though the weather did not keep us from having a blast.  I love our zoo for many reasons but this one is our favorite.  We love this event and are happy we stumbled upon it last year!  This event is for zoo members only which makes it so calm and fun.  Basically you get to go to the zoo from 8 am to 10 am and enjoy breakfast with the animals.

The zoo provides a nice warm pancake breakfast for everyone, while the animals get to enjoy pumpkin treats in their habitats.  Also each animal is let out at a certain times and zoo keeper are there to chat about the animals.  Miss H's favorite part of this event is actually not the elephants!!  They don't go crazy over the pumpkins like the lions and tigers do.  She loves to watch the lions get released into their area and find their pumpkins.  Last year it was 2 female lions and they played with their pumpkins like a ball before eating it.  This year it was the 3 year old male who came out.  He was pretty funny to watch going from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to eat them all at once (typical male right).

The tigers were even more excited than the lions…as one of them was a little unsure of the pumpkin and the other almost lost his in the water!  Thankfully they have cat like reflexes as he grabbed it with his paws just before it fell in.

Nothing makes your day better than fun at the zoo with family and friends.  The girls even took full advantage of the free carousel and train rides.  Mommy was just super excited I didn't have to help with the carousel ride…daddy got to enjoy it!   (Baby Tiger is not a fan..imagine that!! This carousel is even longer than most)

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