Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day tripping fun

happiness for all when we loaded up all 3 babies
Last week my sister told me that my nephew's school was going on a field trip to the Waco zoo.  Well of course my little zoo lover and I thought it would be fun to meet up.  My sister was a parent so she couldn't bring the two littles, but I told her that Miss H and I would meet up and take the littles.  I mean we can do the zoo at our pace and they could do it at theirs.

All plans were set and made for our DAY TRIP to good old Waco!!!  Plus I have heard great things about their zoo so we were really excited.  Miss H was super excited because of 2 things ZOO and COUSINS!! She loves them both so much.

Reality of the DAY TRIP today was, 40 degrees with blowing wind is not ideal for 2 2 year olds and an almost 3 month old.  We ditched Abby at the zoo with B's field trip and took off for our own fun.  We hit up the children's area at the museum.  The 'babies" (Miss H and G) had the best time!  I was shocked at how much fun they had together there.  We literally were there from 10:30am-2:15pm.  Best part of it was not once did any one fuss they had such fun.  They got to play music, race boats and ducks, run free, shop, drive cars, and so much more.  Sweet baby M just hung out and enjoyed the view too.  Of course all the people around me thought it was odd that I had twins, a 3 month old, and ready to pop again!  Ha ha got to love how people just stare and make random comments.  One even said wow 3 under 3 with another on the way that is brave!!  I just laugh and go on….people are so funny.

After the zoo we met back up with Abby and B to enjoy a nice lunch!  We had the best time on our day trip to the middle land.  I can promise we will be meeting up in Waco way more since it was such and easy drive with fun along the way.
headed out bright and early for our day of fun!

Sweet baby M just enjoying the sights

Both were a little unsure of this big guy…but H did finally pet him

seriously the best baby around

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

What a fun museum trip...and glad all of the littles cooperated with you. We had warmer temperatures than you for once (but after tomorrow we won't be above the thirties. sad.)