Friday, November 07, 2014

Baby Tiger 25 weeks

Poor sweet Tiger you have gotten no love on the blog!  Well, I plan to go back and do a few Tiger up dates here and there.  When I was prego with Miss H it was much easier to do weekly up dates.  Now between feeling blah, chasing a 2 year old, and just life in general I seem to forget to take pics or blog about Tiger.  I will do my best to be better from her on out!   I mean I would love for Tiger to read about how life before birth was just the same as Miss H can!

I am 24 weeks!!
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Size of Baby: Tiger is 8.5 inches long and almost 1.5 lbs
Total weight gain/loss: well I have managed to gain about 20lbs via my last visit! (which means I have gained back the 18lbs I lost in the first 8 weeks…but less gain than with Miss H)
Maternity clothes: Yes, all but leggings they seem to fit nicely below Tiger.  I love cooler weather because that means leggings are all I am in! 

Gender: Surprise!!! I really have no clue, Miss H wants a brother but we will see in Feb. 
Movement: Here in the last week Tiger has really started moving more regularly which makes me happy.  Miss H loves to feel him/her kick she smiles so big when it happens.  
Sleep: I seem to sleep pretty great, minus the one or 2 potty breaks at night!
Cravings: ha ha ha I wish!!
Food: Tiger is a food HATER!! I pretty much live off of sandwiches and chicken.  
Symptoms: Other than Tiger hating food and my wonderful meds that keep me eating nothing much.  My boobs of course are way out of control, worse than with Miss H.  Seriously I wake up every morning and think some girls pay for boobs like this, what are they thinking?  Also my belly button has this funny look to it…I hope it doesn't pop out!!! AHH 

Favorite moment of the week: Miss H came in to our room the other night and just laid her sweet head on my tummy.  I asked her what she was doing she said I just want Tiger to kick me a little!  She can't not wait for him/her to arrive!! 

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