Friday, January 09, 2015

Keeping life interesting

Sweet Tiger I do adore you…however you are making life very interesting!  After my last post about preterm labor what happens….we headed off to the hospital again for some more fun! Seems you are very eager to get out and meet your Big Sister Miss H, mommy, daddy, and Winston!  However, we are not ready for you…you need to COOK LONGER!!!

Yep Jan 8th we got to take another family trip to labor and deliver for some fun.  I was having contractions again and this time it wasn't due to over working or not enough water! Simply just having contractions because Tiger is so busy I guess.  We headed into the hospital around 8 which.  Miss H fell fast asleep in route and stayed that way for most of our visit.  Of course when you walk into the ER all big and fat and prego…they fear out and ship you off asap!  We were in a room and getting checked out with in 30 minutes of arrival which is good because those dang contractions were getting stronger.

Since I did this pre labor party in A town I was more prepared for what to expect.  Chris and I were joking on the way in about having to answer the domestic questions.  They take me aside and ask 2 questions 1) Are my living conditions stable and habitable? 2) Does my husband hurt or abuse me verbally or physically?  Of course these questions are NO's in our house but I do think it is interesting that at every hospital those are the first things discussed before proceeding on with anything else!  Once we get all that cleared up its on to the fun!

You know checking the baby, getting monitors on, and much more!  Sweet Miss H is just snoozing it up in her stroller like a good girl!  Chris sitting and wishing he too was snoozing it up but being as patient as can be….we should have packed him snacks lol!  (he got to skip the Atown trip b/c I had my mom and sister and he was a little under the weather)  After about 4 hours a round of terbutaline and baby monitoring we are free to leave!  Thankful that these terbutaline shots keep stopping my contractions since I am only 33 weeks along.   They also told me to follow up with my dr in the am!  Of course in last 30 minutes Miss H woke up but she enjoyed checking it all out, hearing baby tiger on the monitor, and looking at the babies in the nursery!  Once again Tiger is keeping us on our toes!

Friday I followed up and that is when the real fun began!  I got put on new medicine to take daily morning and night to keep these darn contractions at bay.  Also told to pretty much limit my life to doing nothing!!  Um I don't do nothing well people.  Also we have a 3 year old birthday to get ready for!  Non the less I will try but still it wont be easy till the end of February.

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