Thursday, January 22, 2015

Welcome to the Safari watch out for the animals

Her adorable invites that everyone got! 
Happy 3rd Birthday to our Sweet Miss H!!  This year we went with a Safari themed party because she is such an animal lover! Sadly I didn't get all the pictures I would have normally liked to have taken!  Mostly because a) my prego brain can't remember anything b) I am suppose to be sitting and not doing much for this sweet Tiger!

I am so thankful for great family!  My wonderful mom and dad came up 4 days early to help me get this  party set up and going!  Seriously without their help it would have never happened or I would have given birth :-)  This year I had to give up some things as far as party planing and such….one of them was painting the town building.  Yes we have a building in town that everyone paints for their birthdays and such.  It is a fun tradition and I am sad I couldn't do it this year.  Instead I settled on making her a cute sign at the house.  Actually I did non of it, because I can't, but my mom and dad did it all.  Mom even let harper help paint her sign and she was super excited about it.   She put all the "dots" on the adorable giraffe.

Seriously how freaking adorable did her sign turn out!  My mom is like wonder woman I love her so much for this! She too was sad we couldn't do the building, but this is way cutter! 

Here is our set up inside!!  I had a craft station which I think was a hit…it may have taken a little more help from the mommy's than planned but the kids loved it.  We made rain sticks that they could take home! 
 They had their choice of rice or beans or both inside the stick…then they added some fun with all the duck tape and stickers on the outside!  The kiddos really did have fun making them. 

Here is our birthday table set up…where I should have taken better pics!! We have our table cloth that we use each year.  Everyone leaves a little message for the birthday girl and we trace her hand! I love this my sister started it when my niece 11 years ago…its such a great memory!   Then for snacks we had zebra cakes, sticks (pretzels), elephant food (peanuts), animal cookies, and then her birthday cookies! We also had the watering hole which held little water bottles and juices for all. 

Are these not the cutest cookies ever!! 
 Here is our photo booth zone! We tried to get each kiddo in the jeep for a quick picture.  I think we got more than 1/2 the kids so I consider that pretty successful.  They will get a photo in their thank you card from Miss H. 

 Goodie bags…what party wouldn't be complete without goodie bags.  They each got to take a stuffed animal that was through out the party!  I let them chose one then in the bag were the following: binoculars (from Chick-Fil-A…they gave these out this summer, yes that is when I begin my party planning), a cute cup that gives you an animal nose when you drink (you can see them here), some animal print frame stickers for home, and some animals to grow at home (those capsules you put in water and they make a sponge animal) 

Here is the front of the house as the kiddos arrived!  Miss H still has her birthday sign outside because she doesn't want it come down!  We will give her the month I guess :-) 
 Party fun in action..all the mommies helping make rain sticks!!  

 The birthday girl with a quick fly by as she took a break from the bounce house fun!  We had a bounce house out back that stayed pretty busy!!
 Sweet Miss H with her friend C driving the safari jeep around, or so they thought!   Of course she had to take a ride with her cousin G too! They were so cute in this little jeep. 
Finally it was time for the presents!  Miss H is so funny she loves to open them and then really check each gift out before moving on.  
 All and all this little 3 year old had an amazing party thanks to all her friends and family! Our Safari was a great adventure now on to plan next years! :-) 

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Enie Dub said...

Oh wow! What an amazing birthday party! Well done to you