Sunday, January 25, 2015


Sweet Miss H loves January for many reasons 1) her birthday 2) The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo comes to town.  Seriously she loves the stock show, like loves it!  Last year was her first year to head on over to the stock show and she has been hooked every since.  Something about the animals, food, and rides that makes her so excited.  They have been airing the commercials on tv for a bit and every time one comes on she yells with excitement about going!

Of course the stock show always begins the weekend of her birthday so we have to plan accordingly.  In the past Chris and his family have gone while they are in town, but with this new "don't do anything" life style I have to lead we didn't make it on birthday weekend.  Miss H's party day was about all I could handle and not go into labor.  No worries though she did get to the stock show!

Chris and I analyzed what day would be the nicest weather wise…because who wants to be cold right?  Once we set on a date we discussed with Miss H the important things she wanted to do there at the stock show.  Since I am only suppose to be out for 2 hours we needed to use our time wisely!  Here were her must do items:

1) Eat a corn dog
2) see the baby animals (bunnies, chicks, goats, pigs, and such)
3) Ride on Pokey (the pony she rode last year)
4) Pet the animals
5) Go to the rodeo
6) Ride some rides

So of her 6 must do items we were able to accomplish all but number 5.  We didn't make it to the rodeo this year.  She was a little bummed but she totally gets it!  I mean after all she got to do so many other fun things.  Needless to say Miss H had the best time and we love her joy for the stock show.  Of course she is already counting down till next year (even though it isn't over..ends in Feb)  Normally we would go a couple of times (we get in free because of our amazing museum membership) but not this year, next year!

The proof is in the pics:

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