Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 I am sad to see you go...

it was as some of you recall "WEDDING YEAR" in our house last year.  2010 was such and OUTSTANDING year that I do not want to see it go.  I loved every moment of last year.  As I sat here trying to figure out how to recap the best year of my life....well I guess I'll do my best!  However, it was one BUSY year!!!

January: I made the BIG MOVE!!!  Yes Bob and I moved in with Chris and Winston! Chris finally booked our wonderful Honeymoon to the Bahamas.  We began planning our Encore Celebration (aka back home party)....oh and we had 5 Months till the WEDDING!

February: The SNOW STORM of our time hit.  We were covered with oh 12 inches of snow, and had NO POWER for 3 days!  Thus allowing for tons of playing in the snow and snuggling to be warm. We began our marriage mentoring, which we loved.  To wrap up February my sweet nephew B was baptized!

March: Chris and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary of dating! Chris had his annual awards banquet for AXA, this year in Austin. My sweet niece Little Bear sent her FLAT MILEY to me for her school project. My wonderful mom came down for spring break to work on WEDDING, WEDDING, WEDDING stuff....  I FINALLY found a wedding invitation I LOVED! Also we picked the bridesmaids dress!  I visited my dear sweet Flax family for Spring Break! My hand made guest book came in too!!!  All 250 wedding invitations were mailed out...whooo!

April: Wedding goodies began to arrive such as, swimsuits, beach wear, and such.  We spent our first Easter together....golfing of course!  I began to stress out about our FIRST DANCE song!! Our first RSVP arrived!!!  ~~~~The Harigs hosted our amazing COUPLES WEDDING SHOWER~~~My family was able to make the shower!  My BLOG WINNINGS began....firsts a poster sized portrait for the encore party, then 100 post cards, and finally some personalized stationary.  The UPS man feel in love with our house as wedding gifts began to flow in like CrAzY! Only 2 MONTHS till the WEDDING!

May:  My sweet school team through me the best wedding shower ever!  The search for a new JOB  I made our free post cards thanks to Wiggs.  I got interviewed by one of the best schools in FWISD...and she wanted to observe my class!  I got the new JOB I wanted!! YIPPEE I am a BEE!! We picked our Chris' ring and got it in.  Our final RSVP's arrived in the mail. The Goerig clan visited us as they began distraction to our sewer lines...B was in heaven!  One month till I DO's!!!

JUNE: WEDDING MONTH!!!  My wonderful mother and sister hosted my bacholorette party! Thanks mom and Abby for making it JUST what I WANTED!!  We began the PACKING, PACKING, PACKING!!!  After 18 suitcases we were ready to go!   Chris and I got our marriage license.  WEDDING WEEK HERE WE COME!!!  and our WEDDING DAY!!!

July: Chris and I enjoyed the rest of our Honeymoon.  I blogged like crazy about our wedding!!! We put our house on the market, YIKES! Our engagement story was featured on The Knot!  It was a year from my Grandpa's passing.  We began married life!!

August: Chris had surgery on his ankle...yuck!!  I began moving all my school stuff into my NEW SCHOOL.  My family helped so much to make my party perfect, thank you.  Family and friends came to town for our Encore Celebration.....I got to wear my Wedding Dress Again!  I officially became a Roberts on all legal documents~Yippee! We got our WEDDING PICTURES!!! Oh and well I had my 6th first day of school.

September: Our annual Scottsdale trip was amazing.  We relived the night Chris proposed! Our 1 year engagement anniversary of proposing..and 3 months anniversary of marriage.  Our mail began to arrive all soaking wet...YUCK!

October: My sister and co. came to visit for my 30th birthday.  Chris bought me my new MAC! We spent tons of time with the family.  The Rangers began to kick some major butt and we got to attend the games.  The FLU hit my classroom hard...and even KNOCKED me out for almost 2 weeks, blah!

November: Chris turned 30!!  We attended the OU vs ATM game with Abby and Co. I got to spend much needed family time in El Campo for B's 3rd birthday and my mom's birthday too.  Chris and I began our FIRST holidays as a married couple.  We headed to MN for Thanksgiving with Chris' family.  I taught the Roberts' clan the meaning of Black Friday; and they shared all their traditions with me! Winston turned 2! Oh and OU kicked Nebraska's butt in the Big 12 Championship...sorry Chris!

December: Back to EC for Little Bear's Rock Star party and 7th birthday.  Plus we got to celebrate dad's birthday too.  School finished up with all our Christmas celebrations.  Chris and I hosted our 2nd annual Tack Sweater Party.  We began our Christmas traditions as a married couple. Finally we headed to Amarillo for Christmas with my family! Chris and I celebrated our FRIST CHRISTMAS MARRIED!!

What an amazing year it has been...I love 2010 for many reasons but most of all I love that it brought 2 families tougher.  This year Chris and I got to spend more time with our family, due to wedding festivities.  I love that our families supported us so much this year.  We are so blessed!  I know that 2011 will be a wonderful year too, but 2010 will always be the year I love most!


Judy said...

Why you're right. OU does rock.


Judy (outside Norman)

Kara said...

Busy, but super fun year! Happy 2011!