Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl Madness!

First of all I should let you all know, in case you um live under a rock, that the Super Bowl is here!!  You know where I live! It is big news all over the place!  The ESPN crew has taken over downtown Fort Worth! Okay on with it....

Let me set the scene for you:

Picture oh 3 weeks ago, on a Friday night.  I am of course attending choir practice (aka happy hour) with the group. (at our normal Friday night spot)  We were having a blast!  We were chatting about our weeks and what was up the evening passes various people head home.  Then we are left with oh about 8 of us hang out and enjoying our adult beverages.  Out of no where come the "promo" gals!  You know the kind...way to short of skirt/shorts, the tatas all pushed up for some major cleavage. They were the Coors Light girls!  Of course they were promoting Coors.  Fancy that, but Chris prefers this beer!  They come over and do the small talk about Coors, blah blah blah.  Then everyone at the table gets a complimentary drink.  They place the coster on the table and ramble something about entering for a chance at Super Bowl tickets.

Of course we were well past the phase of small talk with these gals, I mean heck we got the free drink now move along.  Then I randomly decided, FINE I will enter the silly giveaway.  I mean my theory on this is...I have unlimited text so why not!  Here is what you had to do.
text a picture of that funny box with the Coors mountains
Take a picture of that sign on the coaster.  Then text the picture to that random number.  It was a done deal.  I sent the pic, and got some type of conformation text back.  I really left it at that.

F-A-S-T F-O-R-W-A-R-D! Now it is LAST Wednesday, January 26! Here I am teaching away when I keep hearing the vibrating noise of my phone!  (Yes, my phone is always on my teacher table....its the way I check all school emails throughout the day; since my main computer is hooked up to the promethean board) I couldn't figure out why it kept going off.  I mean Chris had left that morning for an out of town trip...was it him? had something happened? I was a little worried.  Needless to say I was 10 minutes from a break.  I took my kiddos to specials and then jumped right on my voicemails.  No it wasn't Chris! Wheew!  But it was a random IL number!  Why?

I called the number back to find out..............I was a winner of the Coors Light Super Bowl sweepstakes!  Are you KiDdInG ME?  I couldn't plan this stuff, really!  Folks, we didn't win the 2 tickets TO the Super Bowl.  However, I won a pair of tickets to the Coors Light Super Bowl Party "Silver Bullet" on Friday, Feb 4th!  Not only that but the party will be at the local Honk'e Tonk down the street!  The lady gave me all the info she knew, which was NoNe!  I gave her may address and away we go.

The tickets arrived on Sunday! I was crazy excited because I needed more info.  I mean I have been wondering all weekend about what will go on there.  Will they have a band?  Will we just go and have drinks?  So many questions!!!  Most of the questions have been answered!  The main performance will be BlAkE ShElToN!  I love him! (Chris not a big country fan, but is excited for the drinks)  I can't wait to go have a blast!  What a fun weekend will be have Super Bowl Parties almost every night!  Can you believe this?


Kim said...

How LUCKY are you guys!! Blake Shelton that is to cool! Enjoy and be responsible. =)

Kara said...

Ummm... when i won tickets to a concert I brought you. But I guess I won't point that out since I haven't received my invite ;)