Tuesday, January 25, 2011


AHHHH.....well I have just taken a huge sigh for the past couple of days.  Life around here has been a little crazy.  On Friday my grandma had a seizer.  This was very worrisome to our family.  Grandma has not been doing amazing for the past 6 months, so we could have done without this.  Needless to say while my grandma was under going this trauma; my sister was also having a procedure done.  FRIDAY was CRAZY on the WORRIES!!  Abby's procedure went as well as planned.  Grandma seems to be making steps towards recovery as well. Thank you to my sweet friends so sent out an extra pray this week.

Then we proceed into this week.  Today I had one of my biggest days yet at school. I had my FORMAL OBSERVATION at school. (non teacher friends...this is like your major moment to see if your principal thinks your are teaching to the TOP potential) Therefore, my Monday was spent worrying about how TUESDAY would go and planning, planning, planning.  I mean I get observed pretty regularly (once every 2 weeks with a quick 15 minute walk through), however you still want to be OUTSTANDING!  This morning I sat all 25 of my sweet darling BEEs down for a quick recap on all our rules.  I also explained that Mrs. H would be joining us at some point today.  They were very aware of my EXPECTATIONS! (not that they are much different from a normal day)

Thus the reason I can now take that HUGE DEEP BREATH & SIGH.  I feel like it went pretty spectacular if I might say so myself. (picture a pat on the back here)  All Majority of my sweet darling bees were right on target.  Of course with 25 it is almost impossible to ensure they all are following 100% of the time.  However, I will take majority for now.  Now tomorrow a few of my bees will receive a small "debriefing" from me.  The rest of course will get some STICKERS!  Ha, they are so cheap to please....I love that.  AH for now I plan to take a moment and just relax, then back to life! **Oh and a lot of laughing at my husband who is YeLlInG at Angry Birds as I type.  (I love his determination)


Abby said...

didn't realize your bid day was today too! You and mom could wear me out with all this teaching and observing stuff!! Love to you all!

Abby said...

big not bid

Christopher said...

Great JOB!

Gouldsmith5 said...

I so understand where you are coming from...make sure you post after you debrief with your principal and tell us all the amazing things that were said about you!