Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011!!

I hope everyone else has welcomed 2011 in as well as Chris and I did last night.  Let me begin this by saying I am not a big go out and party on NYE kind of gal.  I hate to be far from home for fear of all the non-sober drivers that are on the road.  However, last night we spent the night with such fun people it was too hard to leave.  We headed out to Ryan Mohr's house, one of Chris' advisors.  His parents were kind enough to host an amazing NYE get together.

We loved hanging out with them.  They live out where Chris and I would really like to end up in the next few years.  They have a wonderful home and a very wonderful amount of land too.  Mr. and Mrs. Morh are so brave they have 5 crazy boys...but they only make the party more fun!  They also have some great family traditions on NYE.  Every NYE they gather around and make hats.  Now when I say make hats we are talking some really good hats.  Non of this just put together little party hat stuff here....Chris and I felt like such new-bees! His mother has the best collection of hat making goodies. (she used to teach, you know how us teachers can gather goodies) Your hat was only as good as your imagination! We had such fun, I don't think I have ever seen a group ranging from 19 to 60 enjoying themselves in such a way!

Chris mid hat making...

Those Mohr brothers working hard

Mr. Mohr and his work in progress.

Chris and I finished with our hats.  Chris is a "pilgrim" and mine is a 2011 cake!

Ryan (with his fireworks hat) and Chris ready to ring in the New Year.

Ryan's cousin...she is she made a princess baby and her hat reads: Happy 2011....BABY!  It was by far the best hat there! 
After everyone made their hat we headed outside to ring in 2011!  Party blowers, poppers, champagne, kisses, and more were had by all.  Then they pulled out some mad pictionary skills too!  THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Mohr for a wonderful evening out.  This was by far one of the best ways to RING in the NEW YEAR!!  I hope you and your family had just as much fun as we did
Ready to play dictionary! 

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