Thursday, July 07, 2011

The signs

The signs were all there...if you knew what you are looking for!  You know that feeling you get after you realize what is going on.  Then you start to put all the past events together and wonder how you missed the HUGE signs.  That was me with Baby R!  I mean I had all the early signs...minus the morning sickness!  However, I had no idea that it was a baby.

Let's look back and you can see how I was apparently OBLIVIOUS to the situation! We must go back to oh May1st.  You know the weekend that we all gathered in OKC for the marathon!  I who was worried about not training should have been worried about other stuff, YIKES!  After I returned home from the marathon weekend I was pretty tired.  I didn't really think anything of it...I mean I play stinking tennis like crazy some days matches last 3 hours!  Why would running make me tired?  Again no second thought on the matter.

I went about my business working and playing tennis.  Then a couple of days later I played a match and was extremely beat down afterwards.  Again, not normal!  I mean I went straight home and took a 3 hour nap.  Then to top that off Chris and I were going to the Yankees vs Rangers game that night.  He had invited his sister over to go with us.  I could hardly pull my self out of bed to even shower or get ready!  I just wanted to phone it in from there and have them go without.  Chris eventually talked me into getting ready I think....or maybe it was that his sister was almost here???  Needless to say I went to the game but could not shake the sleepiness.  I think I was a zombie really!  Of course looking back on our conversation that night I his sister was quizzing us on when we would have a baby!  Little did I know Baby R had already arrived.
Whitney, his sister, and her friend Emily
 Here we are all enjoying the game! 
Okay so I had the tired can keep my head up sign...but apparently that was not enough for me to clue in!

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