Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Fun in the Sun!

Well as you know we just returned from a wonderful week of Roberts' family fun!  Steve, Chris' father,  wanted the whole family to enjoy a vacation together this summer.  The choice was a cruise to the Bahamas....and it was WONDERFUL!

To make a long story short...we ATE too much, enjoy all the SUN in the world, had plenty of wonderful FAMILY time, and so much more.  I loved that we were all together for a whole week having fun.  The cruise was pretty much a FIRST for everyone on the trip.  Yes, when I was 7 I went on one...but that is way to long ago to even remember how it all worked.  Chris went in college at some point, but everyone else were first timers.  I think this cruise was perfect.  It was a large enough ship we found more than enough to do.  The ports were nice enough that you could enjoy them or stick on the boat.  The service on the ship was amazing too.  All in all we left there SAD to go but HAPPY it was such a great time.  Here are a few....okay you know me....a BILLION pictures to show all our fun!

Of course we started the trip by telling his parents about their soon to be GRAND BABY!

Steve and I waiting to get on the ship
Our party of 11 heading on to the ship! 
Steve the FATHER OF ALL THINGS with his 4 THINGS! 
OUR first "family" pic on Baby R's first vacation! HA
Everyone exploring the ship and the views of Miami.
Chris with his mom, dad, and littlest sister! 
Riley with her shrimp cocktail...she ate one at most meals! 
On the balcony of the room ready to take off! 
Good bye Miami! 
Steve-o and I....just to prove I was on the trip,
since I am the picture taker! HA
Oh man...Chris busted me with my favorite meal of all!  BLT!
I ate a BLT every day...what Baby R loves them! 
The first day at breakfast! 
Okay apparently BLOGGER HATES me right now! It will not let me add any more wonderful pictures.  Or maybe that is a sign! HA regardless I am going to post the rest of the pics on their own to follow this one!

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