Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The POSITIVE truth

After sitting at lunch on Saturday with my tennis ladies...the realization came to me!  We were all just chit chatting and such.  However, I couldn't stop yawning.  One of my ladies asked why I was so tired, of course I said, "I have no idea."  Then someone in the group piped up and said I wonder if your pregnant.  I looked at her as if she was STRAIGHT CRAZY!  I mean how, no, really could it be?  Then of course with my current trend in TIREDNESS I went straight home and slept.  Ha!

The next day was Mother's Day!  Chris and I always celebrate these days with silly cards from our pup and cat.  I mean come on we are PARENTS to our FOUR LEGGED FRIENDS!  I know we are crazy...but apparently not the only crazies out there.  I mean there is a whole section on the card aisle for cards from the dog, cat, or both.  That's where I always head on father's day.  :-) Chris was sweet enough to get me a card from Bob and Winston...you may remember that post!  He also had a list of things to pick up if he went to Target (hair ties and headbands).  Nothing that was crucial enough for its own trip...however, he threw that in as my "mother's day gift" with my card.  Ha always resourceful that boy!

Needless to say Mother's day came with a greater meaning this year.  Why?  (get ready for TMI)  I am pretty on target with my monthly friend...normally showing up at 7 am the morning of!  Yet nothing!! So after Chris and I did some yard work and such I headed in for a shower.  Just on a whim I thought okay I'll take a pregnancy test!  I mean what could it hurt???  Heck at this point I was worried I may have mono!

No more than had I sat the test down for it's 2 minute waiting time....had it changed!  I immediately SREAMED at Chris!

Me (in panic, but excited voice): "Chris come here for a second please"
Chris (in normal has no idea voice): "I'm kind of busy"
Me: "Well I really need you RIGHT NOW!"
Chris: "Okay but I thought you were showering"
Me: "Thanks"

Next thing you know he is in the bathroom with me....and just looks at me like what the heck is the huge emergency in here!

Me (with smile on my face): "I need you to look at something"
Chris: puzzled face at what I may show him......
Me: "Well looks like today is Mother's Day after all" handing him the POSITIVE TEST
Chris: still puzzled face..."NO, do we trust these STICKS to tell the truth?"
Sorry for the TMI! HA
Here is my card from Bob and Winston...and well our real mother's day gift (results that is). 
Me: "there is never a FALSE POSITIVE, sometimes a false negative...but not a false positive"
Chris: "WOW really, no...I am excited but wait.  When is your (hard to say) period to start?"
Me: "umm well today, but nothing has happened still and it always starts bright and early in the am"
Chris: "Okay but can we just do this test again in 2 days to confirm"
Me: "sure honey"

I don't think he really understood that well the test are CORRECT!  Ha ha ha!  We went about our afternoon running around town taking care of things.  Of course we bought another pregnancy test, so he could see the test in 2 days (I still sit her and laugh at this).  Then when we got home from all our errands...I think it had sunk in with him.

Chris: "Wow, really I still can't believe we are going to be parents" "Winston your going to be a BIG brother!"
Me: "I know I mean I am excited, but wow!!"

I think we both were in a state of shock! HA I mean all day long we would just sit and be like really we are going to have a baby.  Yes, we were trying to have a baby.  At Christmas we sat and discussed that we both felt ready for a baby.  But I, nor Chris, did not really expect it as quick as it happened.  We really didn't do anything different other than I stopped taking birth control.  We had the not, not trying method going on.

I feel so blessed that we were able to do this so quickly!  Yet, it was a HUGE shock when we realized it was REAL!  You know as a wife you dream of how that day will feel.  I can't explain the excitement, yet fear that I felt when I saw those 2 lines.  I was overjoyed to be becoming a mom, but scared to death because that is HUGE!  Chris is so over the top excited it is crazy.  He has been amazing this whole time.  I know he will be a wonderful father! P.S. I took the test again 2 days later for him and well same result, HA!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! :)

Romance In A Glance said...

That is so amazing! Congrats to you and him. Such a beautiful story!!!

Amber said...

What a great mother's day present!