Monday, July 18, 2011

Cruising away

Here are the rest of the pictures that blogger was so nice to NOT let me post yesterday! Enjoy! 

 Bingo, the whole family enjoyed bingo every night! 

 Our cute little elephant that was left on our bed! 
A sweet little family pic! 

 Dinner with the family
I love this one!  
oh my milkshake that was specially made! ha 

The girls acting silly!  

waiting on the crew to enjoy Nassau! 

Pool and Beach time! 

 Chris with his little sister and nieces! 
being silly!  
the girls ready for the beach 

 well only if Chris could have smiled a little better...geezz
 that's better!
The crew on the way back to the ship 
Chris and I after a morning on the was great! 

Well, this ends our trip with a little view of the Miami beach...sorry about the baby bump!
Not my favorite pic, but what can you do?

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Aggie98 said...

Emily, I LOVE that baby bump!!! Celena