Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little help here, please!

This was a cute one I found.

Tonight I thought I would be a good prego mom and start the search for a cute birth announcement!  YIKES!!!  I have read in many places to go ahead and have those picked out so all you do is add the picture and info.  This way while you are trying to feed and well survive those first few weeks you are not also spending hours searching the internet.  Here is the PROBLEM: there are a MILLION cute ones out there.  I mean how do you pick?  I want something cute and unique.  Also I am very much about a picture, I mean heck we waited 9 months to see that sweet face...why not plaster it EvErYwHeRe?

I also liked this one.

Thus I turn to you my blogging friends.  I normally use Shutterfly for all cards, photo books, and such but I am sure there are other options.  Please send your info my way, I am begging you.  I will accept anything from a web address to even dyi ideas!  I am sure you have a place you love to print cards from.  My sister is queen of cute cards, but she normally makes hers by buying templets and such.  A) I am not that talented yet. B) She doesn't use a mac, therefore I am not 100% comfortable trying that now.  I am sure as I learn from her and start trying on my own I could become a PRO like her....but not now!  Thanks for all the great ideas I really appreciate the help you have no idea.


Sydney Looper said...

Check out and They both have ADORABLE announcements. I know this doesn't help you narrow it down, but you really need to take a look!

I'm so excited for you!!!! It's so close!!

Jen said...

LOVE the top one. Let me know what you come across...I will need some advice too!

Amy Powell said...

That second one is adorable! But, sorry I've never done a birth announcement ... I can say I used Card Store for our Christmas cards this year and I was really impressed with the product. Good luck in your search!

Amanda said...

I think the top one really stands out! I love how the name is really big. :)