Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This and that!

So many random things I have not blogged about lately....just trying to keep up my weekly updates going has been hard.  Tonight I finished up my last round of grades for school for a while, crazy thought!  Now, I finally feel free to blog about all those random things I haven't had time for or felt bad about doing over school stuff!

Let's see where to start Baby Prep:  Okay so Chris and I have not really had that much baby/labor prep!  The funny thing is every time our hospital offered a class we were out of town!  YIKES...makes for a little nervousness on our end, but what can you do really.  However, I do have to give big props to the one thing we DID do for our sweet baby.  When I nannied my sweet niece back oh 7 years ago (wow she is so big..and I am so old) there was a local Target that would hold car seat safety checks.  Remembering this I made a few phone calls over Christmas break.  I called up the Hurst DPS and asked if they still had a car seat safety program.  They passed me right along to a wonderful State Trooper.  Officer Haschel was AMAZING!!  He actually came to OUR HOUSE on CHRISTMAS EVE to take us through all the INS and OUTS of the infant seat.

He came in and did about 20 minutes of the safety features for us.  He showed us how the car seat works in an accident and such.  The whole thing was very informative.  Then he took us out to our cars and showed us the best way to instal the seat.  He installed it and then uninstalled it....then making us do it.  After we installed it he checked and approved.  He said the number one reason babies get hurt in an accident is because the seat is not installed properly!  Check that off our list!!!  We can put that sucker in  like no ones business! Whoo whoo if nothing we are at least ready for the car. (if you live in the area I would love to pass along his info)

Baby R's room is pretty much complete! Check that off the list too.  Oh and have I mentioned the NESTING that has been going on. Nesting, nesting, crazy!  The funny thing is that the nesting has not all been done by me either.  I swear if I didn't get the nesting bug, Chris sure as heck did. He has cleaned the garage, we sent the pod back to the pod place, got a new dinning room table, and fixed the office up.   The list goes on and on!  I love that everything is coming together and ready for the next few weeks.  Chris did a great job of making sure all our handy work got done too!  Got to love a handy sweet husband!!!

Okay so I would love to add pictures of all the changes, BUT the camera is packed and ready to go!  Sorry!!!  Guess I wasn't thinking about the blogging I would do :-)  After the baby comes I'll show you for sure!  P.S. Be on the look out for a BOY or GIRL post coming soon!! Sorry for the random long post about nothing too crazy fun...just random thoughts.

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Jen said...

I think my husband is nesting too! He has been very productive around the house. My nesting has not gotten any further than dreaming about it. I am quite excited to find out the gender. Best of luck this weekend!