Sunday, January 01, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Amazing that another year has come and gone!  2011 was full of so many memories!  Let's take a look at what our year was all about!

Claire and I enjoy a quick trip to pick up an award for the Arlington Tennis Association Adopt-a-school program

I won tickets to the best Superbowl concert ever....Blake Shelton!  It was Chris' first country concert and what an amazing one it was.

SNOW/ICE-CATION:  We had a huge snow/ice storm allowing us to have the ENITRE week out of school. Plus it allowed us to enjoy all the super bowl fun going on around town! 

My sweet wonderful grandmother joined my grandfather in heaven on February 21st.  Thankfully I had gotten to spend a few days with her prior to her arrival there.  However, it was still one of the events we could have done without this past year.  We love you Grandma and Grandpa!

Axa Awards banquet in Houston.  We had a blast staying at the Four Seasons being spoiled to death!
Winston ready to go to the Doggie Dude Ranch
Our goodies as we got to our room.

Ready to go out and enjoy our night!

SPRING CLEANING!!!  Yes, we spent most of spring break cleaning up the house getting ready to put in on the market.  Little did we know we would be living that way for a while now!
Good Bye house and hello POD!

We even cleaned up the flower beds and put down a new walkway!

Chris and I got to enjoy a nice little vacation to San Diego thanks to his work! We had a great time there checking everything out.  Plus we hung out with many wonderful friends!

Bobby's annual Crawfish boil and Chris's family came to town!  We always enjoy heading over for a little backyard fun at Bobby's.  This year Chris' mom and sister joined us too!

 Following her big brothers lead! Ha Ha

Oh sweet May!  May ended up brining our house more GOOD NEWS than we would have ever thought!  We began this month with A RUN TO REMEMBER the OKC marathon.  Our whole family ran in memory of my Uncle who passed away the year prior! It was amazing to see us all come together!
Here is the whole family gathered the night before the big race!

Of course Chris and I found out there was something else going on in our worlds! This little thing was a very nice surprise on MOTHER'S DAY!  It is a Mother's day I will never forget!

HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY to US!  Chris and I got to spend our fist anniversary married together.  It was a very nice low key event, but we enjoyed every moment of it. I cannot wait for many more to come!

Chris got to enjoy his first Father's Day knowing that he actually would soon be a father!  We finally got to see our sweet baby too for the first time!
Baby R at 9 weeks!

July was finally the month we TOLD the WORLD about our new bundle of joy!  First we told my parents then his on the family cruise!  July ended up being a very exciting month.  I was so happy to finally not be hiding such amazing information from our friends and family!
Here we are heading out for the Roberts' family Cruise!  It was a blast and I can't wait for next years trip!

Our first public up date about our sweet baby!

August proved to be a very busy month for tennis! Our team made a trip to Little State and we had a blast!

SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL!!!  I began preparing my room for those sweet wonderful kiddos that would soon arrive!  

September brought on great memories of traditions we have!  First off Chris got to enjoy our annual Labor Day trip to Arizona without me this year!  Sine I will need maternity leave I opted out, but the guys had a blast still.  I enjoy some R&R here are the house!

Also this marked our 2nd anniversary of our ENGAGEMENT!  Yes, 2 years ago Chris asked me to join him for the rest of his life on this wonderful adventure!

October brought another year in age for me! Guess we can't stop that from happening right! Of course Baby R has continued to grow, causing me to really look prego this month!

We also had a little Halloween fun, or at least Winston did! Chris and I realized this was our last Halloween without a baby! Crazy

Oh and my wonderful tennis team made it to sectionals! Whoo Whoo! Thus allowing a quick trip to Waco and a nice family visit from my Sister and Co!

Ahhh now it is Chris who grew older!  Yes, I married a younger man, ha ha!  Not only that but Baby paloza began at our house!  We really started to see gifts and goodies roll in the door for sweet Baby R!

My tennis team gave me my first baby shower! It was amazing and they did to much like normal.

Chris was just in awe of the goodies we got

THANKSGIVING FUN!  I got to spend the first part of Thanksgiving with my family, then rounded it out in MN with Chris' family.  We had a blast and enjoy our holiday with family. 

How could we forget that such a sweet little pup turned 3!

Baby R had another shower, of course full of way to much stuff!  Chris' family and mine headed down to attend the shower. We enjoyed getting to spend time with the family since we were her for Christmas!

Oh and did I mention we FINALLY FINISHED the baby's room!  Here are a few pics of it in transition to the final product!

Here it is today!

 Those are our bags packed and ready to go!
  Sorry Iphone pic is not the best

Wow, what an amazing year! I love looking back and seeing everything that we did!  Hope you have a wonderful 2012! 

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Amy Powell said...

What a wonderful year you had! I hope this next year proves to be even better (and that the baby comes safely & healthy!) happy 2012!!