Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch me grow, week 39

Pregnancy Highlights:
I'm feeling rather large at this point...YIKES!
How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Size of the baby: All my pregnancy updates tell me it is the size of a watermelon! YIKES!  I am hoping it is really in the low 7 lb range.  

Total Weight Gain/loss: Back to 36, as of last week. I head to the dr. today so I hope no more weight is gained! 

Maternity Clothes:  Just enjoying it while I can...and hoping that soon I'll be back to normal.  

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Heavens the moving is out of control.  Chris and I sat in awe on Sunday at church as our little one was moving like a maniac.  My stomach just went up and down like crazy! I am pretty certain this baby will be a wiggle worm.

Sleep: I snuck in a few naps this weekend.  Still sleeping great minus the 3-4 bathroom breaks needed at night.  I hope that means our little one will sleep good too, well one can dream right!

What I miss: Okay don't laugh...I miss being able to CALL SOMEONE and not get an immediate "ARE YOU IN LABOR"  I mean heavens people am I not allowed to call unless I am in labor.  Yes, everyone is on pins and needles but I do sometimes just want to call and chat about nothing! HA However, I am thankful that everyone cares enough to freak out when I call them.  :-) 

Cravings: No true cravings...just wanting to do somethings prior to baby.  Like eating at certain places for the last time just us and such.   

Symptoms: Swelling still, but I hear that is par for the course at this point in life! Braxton hicks also...oh and did I mention that I guess I finally have 'back pain"  My lower back kills me now, I have been living on my heating pad!  

Best moment this week: Well today we head to the Dr for our LAST visit!  Crazy how the past 9 months have just flown by.  I have a few moments this week some that are exciting and some that are sad.  

Sad moment of the week) Knowing that this is my last week with my sweet kids at school!  I am really sad to be leaving them for a while, and yes everyone says I wont once I see this baby....but for the past 6 months those kids have been my kids.  I will miss seeing the daily progress from them.  I just adore my class so much this year and I don't want them to fail because I have stepped away.  I know I am crazy...but it's the teacher in me! 

Exciting moments) Everyone family wise has booked or planned their trip.  I feel like we have a great plan for all to be here to meet Little Baby R!  Knowing we will meet our sweet baby in 5 days is AMAZING!!!  The excitement in our house is out of control you have no idea.  


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You're almost there!! So exciting, and you look great!

Jen said...

A watermelon, huh. Something to look forward to :). Will be thinking of you this weekend. Enjoy your last few days with your students!