Saturday, January 28, 2012

Picture overload

We have made it through the first week and are on to our second week of life.  I cannot believe how fast the time has already gone.  I think she has grown so much makes me so sad!  I thought I would add some more pictures now that we have internet and blogger may want to work with me :-)

On Monday we have our 2 week check up at the Dr.  I hope she is back to birth weight...that is our big goal at this time since she has some weight.

These pictures are in no particular order...just of her birth day!

Aunt Whitney

All of our visitors

Uncle Timmy

Kat visiting Miss H

Aunt Riley


Minus the face...all dolled up to head home

First car ride...headed home

Cousin B acting silly

My mom and dad

Riley, B, and Little Bear all checking out Miss H as she got her first bath.

All cleaned up and ready to move to our new room.

Queen Tia Abby

The gang waiting on us as we rolled down to our new room.

Miss H and I as we head into our new room

B finally getting a good look at Miss H....he gave her her first nickname! 

daddy and miss h

My mom and Dad finally holding her

Grandpa Steve-o holding his grandbaby

Papa holding Miss H

Uncle B holding Miss H

Can you tell who couldn't get enough of Miss H?

Little Bear and I hanging out

The girls enjoying Miss H cute!

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Kara said...

Such a cutie! Brooks is so cute with her too.