Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful weekend

Wow we had the most beautiful weekend here which was nice after all the rain last week.  My old weekend life would have been to sleep in, play tennis, eat lunch with the team, and well probably grade some stinking papers for school.  Man how my weekends have changed!  I think they are almost more work than the week...ha ha

Let's see this weekend I got a little break because our tennis match was at 11, which really makes a difference in my life.  Thus I have time to actually get up feed Miss H and do a few things.  Normally our matches are at 9 and that is a challenge.  Thus I got up this Saturday around 8 and feed Miss H.  Then I had to get Chris a bottle ready because she would for sure want to eat while I was at tennis.  Last time I played I made it back before needing a bottle...I think that made Chris feel better.  Miss H is not really the pro at bottles yet, but she can do's just messy!

The weather was so beautiful for our match.  I even made a comment about enjoying the fact that we would get some sun.  Okay well....I got a sun burn! YIKES but I am not complaining I love the sun.  Claire my partner and I won our match and to make things even better our team won the whole thing! Then well this is where my normal weekend is not normal anymore!  Now, I call home to see what the baby status is.  Ha, before I would have leisurely gone to lunch and then done what ever.   I call Chris and well he too had some things he wanted to do, needless to say my lunch was a little rushed.  But hey I am just happy I got to go since Miss H was sleeping! (thank you baby girl)

Once home I took over baby duties as Chris mowed and cleaned up the yard.  I don't know about yall but we have these dang trees that drop brown worm looking things...they cover EVERYTHING and make my allergies go CrAzY!  After that we took a nice little family trip to Home Depot for flowers.  Time to spruce up the yard...and make it look sale-able! Can you see where the rest of our weekend was spent!

Planting flowers with a 2 month old is a little challenging to say the least! She was a pretty good trouper though...we just brought her bouncy seat out and she enjoyed the fresh air.  Then when she did get a little fussy daddy stepped in to help out!

My little fam...all helping out!
Really could she not look more like her father! Geezz!!
This one is to show her cute little egg my mom got her!
Today since the weather is still beautiful I tried to snap some shots of her out enjoying it.  I also tried to get a cute little Easter picture...key words TRIED!  She was not really into it, but we will try again later.  Here are a few of the "good ones" that I captured!

She was chatting it up on this one! 

Always with that tongue out!

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Jen said...

Harper really does look like her Dad! I love all the easter outfits she is wearing - very cute.