Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New outfit please, mom!

Warning---this blog may talk a lot about poop----you were warned! I'm also sad I didn't get a picture of any of this mess! 

Okay I swear Miss H is totally against me on clothes this week.  Its like she knows what outfit she wants to wear....okay so she isn't yet at the picking out her clothes phase.  But this week she sure is doing a good job of USING all of her clothes!! 

Tuesday Miss H work up a little stuffy.  This poor baby has mom that cannot stand boogers in noses AT ALL. Yes, I am a freak like that, but I cannot stand boogers or dirty ears!  My brother-in-law can confirm this as it makes him crazy that I am crazy about it.  I digress here....Needless to say I began to clean her little nose with the sucker...she doesn't much mind.  Well, I sucked and sucked but there was not much there.  The congestion was more in her throat area....thus OUTFIT change #1.  After she ate, all that mucus caused her to immediately spit everything up! No problem we needed to get out of our jammies anyways. RIGHT?

Next outfit of choice a nice little onesie and pants.  You know we really had no big plans so why not be comfy? I mean who wants to get all dolled up to just play around the house!  About oh an hour later we were playing on the floor when OUTFIT change #2 was needed!  Why this time?  POOP-PLOSION enough said.  Miss H seemed to have really done a number here.  Okay great now I had 2 outfits on the washer with spray 'n wash ready to go.  

This time she got a new little onesie and another pair of pants.  Keep in mind we really only have 3 pairs of paints...because well most outfits have pants or bloomers with them.  Who needs more than 3 little sweat pants for a baby?  One pair stays in the diaper bag for that UH OH on the go?  Thank goodness we have not needed it yet!!     Off we go to have a snack and nap time.  Well, she got all full from her snack to only get choked up AGAIN from her mucus drainage....she SpIt EvErYtHiNg back up.  Of course she didn't wait till I had her on my shoulder to burp...instead the second she sat up all over her clothes.  OUTFIT change #3  

We have officially gone through all of our "pants" so good thing it was a nice day and we had the windows open!  She got to hang out in just a cute onesie!!  Yes, she was just chilling in nothing but a onesie....again I am not a fan of this but around the house it's okay, Right?  So on Monday we had THREE outfit changes!  This leads me to TUESDAY!

TUESDAY- began with a BANG, literally!!! Yep straight out she had a poop-xplosion!  Normally once she wakes up I do a change before feeding her, because I know she like to well poop after eating.  If I didn't do that initial change we would have poop outs every morning. But I was PROACTIVE and still she managed to get it everywhere.  I am amazed by her abilities some times.  OUTFIT change #1 Again we needed to move out of our jammies.  

Well, since we used all our "stand by" outfits yesterday...she had to put on a real outfit.  You know something we would wear out and about!  Not just lounging clothes.  I put on a simple outfit that I wouldn't be sad if pooped on.  No worries, because soon it was!  Yep she managed to blow out again.  Now we needed to move on to a new outfit!  OUTFIT change #2 I swear she is out to pick out the outfit she wants to wear and this is her way of doing so! HA HA

No worries um 2 p.m. we had 2 more outfit changes due to pooping!  Yep you read that right!  So we now had enough outfits that it was WORTH doing the load of laundry!  Good news was that her stuffy nose didn't cause any of our outfit changes.  We seemed to have figured out how to stop that with some little nose drops and the humidifier.  Whoo whoo!  This has been our week in a nutshell.  One change after another over here!  I am so thankful that SPRAY 'N WASH is my new best friend!  Thus far it has managed to remove all explosions we have had.  Plus Miss H has managed to enjoy almost all of her clothes in just a 2 day period.  Who else can say they have achieved this?

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