Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Walmart Challenge!

Miss H ready to go!
You know life always has to some kind of challenge, right?  Well being a mommy is new to me so there are many new challenges.  As a teacher you face the normal challenges each day.  1) Entertaining the kids so they will learn your lesson 2) Making each child see their potential 3) Eating lunch in less than 30 minutes and going to the bathroom...this is a big challenge 4) Having fun as you learn.   Now of course most of these can translate into mommy-hood as well.  However, I have found my newest challenge this past week.

Miss H and I have kind of found a good routine.  We are still working on setting up a nap routine, but I think that comes with her age too.  I mean heck a one month old needs a lot of sleep.  Needless to say since we are doing so good on a routine I have begun to venture out more and more.  Plus she is a bit older and eating about ever 3 hours now.  Thus I have almost 2 hours to do stuff.  As a bf (breast feeding) mommy you realize that time is important.  I mean heck who's time isn't important....but now more than ever.  I have become very familiar with great bf locations needless to say.  I prefer to feed her in a nice little nursing room or nice bathroom, but that is not always available.  Thus you take the bullet and just feed where you are. Okay so the one place I REFUSE to feed is at Walmart!  I don't know something about it just doesn't set well with me.  I don't even want to feed her in the car in the parking lot.

Todays CHALLENGE was Walmart vs. Miss H!  I love a good challenge....and am very competitive but that is a side note.  I rarely ever go to Wally world but thought I would try it out today.  We don't live very close to one which is really why I don't go more...I mean Target (my favorite spot) is just minutes away.  Miss H and I woke up today, I fed her then got her dressed and ready.  Then on to myself...cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go.  By the time we were out the door Miss H had about 1 hour and 55 minutes before she would want to eat again.  START your TIMER NOW!!!

Let the challenge begin....we arrived at Wally world with exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to do all our shopping.  Thankfully she was asleep in her car seat allowing me to really get down to business.  Normally I am a stroller shopper, meaning I use the stroller and place all our items in our great basket.  (We have the baby jogger city has an awesome basket!)  However, today I needed about 5 larger items and knew the stroller would not do.

That leads to the next challenge...wish I would have taken a picture!!! Miss H has to sit in the basket part of the shopping cart, leaving little room to place items in your cart.  She ends up having things all around her!  It is amazing how creative you can get when loading it all up.  I was moving right along on our list when with about 25 minutes left Miss H started to wake up.  Oh no, this can lead to 2 things.... The need to EAT or be held.  She doesn't mind her seat but can get tired of being in there.

What does any mom do....kick it into HIGH gear zooming through all the isles!  Yes, I probably looked like a crazy woman zooming in and out and placing things in our cart.  However, I was NOT going to be stuck needing to bf Miss H here.  Thankfully I had only 5 things left to grab..  Then we were off to check out.  Since I was zooming around it kind of put her back to sleep...AHHH thank heavens that bought me some more time.  Good thing since of course the check out lines were long.  However, I will say for a Wednesday mid morning of spring break they were not too crazy busy.

Finally it was our turn to check out! I look at my phone, 15 minutes left.  Our checker was super friendly...but not the fastest.  Plus reloading all your items back into the cart once they are bagged is a whole other challenge.  You really have to have some mad skills I tell ya!  However, I got it all loaded up and paid...and to the car with exactly 5 minutes till Miss H would begin to fuss for food. WHEEEW!!  We loaded up the car and made it home before she realized she was ready to eat.
 I won the challenge!!

You know its the silly little challenges you have to enjoy.  Chris asked what we did today...of course I told him we beat Walmart! Ha ha ha  Hope you won a challenge this week!!

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Jen said...

I can completely relate to this! Sophia is not on a schedule yet, but our life revolves around her feedings.