Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lessons to be learned

Miss H 7 weeks old
As a new parent there are millions of lessons to learn, like one wouldn't expect that.  However, there are somethings you don't realize you have to learn.  I mean you know silly things that matter you would have never dreamed about.  The past 2 weeks I have been searching the area for a nice REASONABLE place that does monograming.  Yeah our cleaners does it...but it cost per letter and by size.  There are a few other shops that also do it...again charged per letter and size.  I mean I knew I would need this prior to the baby.  Thus I began quizzing my moms at school.  However, non really knew a good spot.  Little did I know that something like this would be a lesson need as a parent!  I mean heck Miss H has to have cute monogrammed clothes and such, or what kind of mommy am I?

Thank heavens Chris' super sweet secretary gave us a cute little blanket (its the perfect car seat size) that was monogramed with Miss H's initials and birth date!  Thus I made Chris ask her if she did it or where it was done!  I mean I had quizzed all the people I knew and looked on line.  I had even begun to search Etsy!  Thankfully she had it done here in F.W. at little boutique.  

What does any crazy new mommy do....go scope the place out of course!  Miss H and I loaded up last Wednesday and headed out.  Our mission....a place to get here cute white bloomers monogramed!  As we pull up to the Adorable Boutique  I realize WE ARE IN LUCK!  They had some really cute little onesies and shirts in the window that proved it would be the place we needed.  Once we got in there I realized it was my new HEAVEN!!!  YES, I had finally found my new favorite place to get Miss H goodies!!  

Needless to say Chris is very sad that Bertha his secretary showed me the way to Adorable Boutique.  I have enjoyed all my visits there (yes, we have gone twice already).  The owner, Chris (not to be confused with my hubby!) is so sweet.  She can pretty much make anything.  While I was there the first time I had them monogram Miss H's bloomers and make her a few bows (colors we didn't have yet).  Everything there is so reasonable.  I mean the other 2 baby boutiques in town charge 4 to 14 for bowes....which is out of control.  Also, Miss H didn't have a bow holder, of course they made her a super cute one.  Everything you can think of they can do....

Not only did we get her bloomers and bowes, but I also wanted a few Easter onesies done.  I had found a few ideas that I liked.  Miss Chris said if I brought in a picture she could more than likely do what I wanted.  Oh my goodness!!!  Did they ever do the most amazing job.  Not only are they super cute but way cheaper than what I would have bought them for on line!  I am so in LOVE with Adorable Boutique.  I am already thinking of what kind of cute shirt I will want them to make her next!  If you live in our area I really recommend you heading over and checking it out.    Here are Miss H's Easter onesies and them!

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Kara said...

Cute stuff. My friend Suzanna used to get stuff monogrammed at Hulen mall. I can ask her where