Monday, March 19, 2012

Miss H is TWO months old!

Harper you are TWO months old! 

The past month you have really changed.  I can't imagine what new things you will learn this month.  

This week we went to the doctor for your TWO month check up.  You weigh 11 pounds even, what a great little eater you are.  You are now 24inches long....and in the 95% in height! (you must have gotten that from your father!) Your head size and weight are just right on the mark at the 50% marker!  Way to go sweet girl.  You have gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches since last month.  Dr. Mercer said you are growing perfectly...and that you have a beautiful head.  Yes, I was worried about the "flat" head issue that some babies get.  I know I am a crazy mommy, but I want you to have nice looking head.  Tummy time is going well over here!  Here are a few things you are really loving this month:

Smiling: Man do you have the cutest little smile in the world.  You have become a pro at smiling when we talk to you.  I love to see your little face light up.  Now you have begun to smile at strangers, probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Talking: Not only do you smile, but you have really began to "talk" more.  You love to talk back when we chat with you.  Your favorite place to talk is on your changing table.  You just coo away! I love it, plus it makes changing your diaper so easy.  

Eye contact: You have become very good at following us where ever we go.  If mommy or daddy moves when talking to turn your sweet little head to follow us.  Your eye contact is amazing. 

Sleep: You sleep pretty good for a 2 month old!!  Your now laying in your pack 'n play all on its own. (yes, the doctor wanted you in your room by this point...but in time you will get there!) You take at least 3-5 naps through out the day.  We are starting to narrow down a little routine and try to have those naps in the pack 'n play...not the bouncy or swing or mommy's arms. Although my favorite naps are the ones we take snuggled up together.   Most nights you sleep about 5 1/2 hours for the first stretch.  Then you need a little snack and back to sleep.  You normally only wake up 2 times at night!  Your mommy is happy you are a good sleeper.

Your hands!!  Oh man do you love your hands these days.  It is so funny to see you move them about.  Your new favorite thing is to suck on your hands.  You try to find your little fingers..but when all else fails you just suck on the back of your hand.  You look cute doing it...

You had a few first this month: 
  • You attended your first NBA basketball game! GO MAVS...and didn't even fuss once with all the loud noises going on.  You were a brave little fan. 
  • You went to your first birthday party: Happy Birthday Edward, thanks for letting us celebrate with you. 
  • You began to coo and talk it up for real.  Not just the occasional you do it with a purpose. 
  • Daddy watched you all on his own for the first time.  You were such a good little girl for him. 
  • You have finally begun sleeping "flat" on your back in the pack 'n more newborn napper for you!  Next step is moving to your bedroom (this makes mommy sad).
  • You finally grasped your toys all on your own!  You are not sure what to do once you have it in your hand, but at least you can get it. 
Your as big as your  daddy's sock monkey! Yippee!!
You are such a wonderful baby, hardly ever fussing. We are so blessed to be your parents.  You just love to be out and about just like your mommy! We have the best time shopping and running around town together.  I love having a little helper with me. Daddy loves to come home and chat with you too.  He even will make some stops by the house between appointments...just to get some Harper time ☺  

We love you to the moon and back! We don't even know what life was like before you came along.  You couldn't be a sweeter baby for mommy and daddy.  We love you.


Kara said...

She is just precious! P.S. You need to update your widdlytinks stick family on here! Miss H is missing!

Jen said...

She is adorable and I love her bow!
I love reading your updates and 'looking ahead' to where Sophia and I will be in a month...I am sad about the transition to her own room too!