Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh heavens...

Ever have one of those days?  You know a day that you wish would just end and you could start fresh...well I did this week.  My day was Thursday!  This past week was actually very challenging in different ways.  Miss H was fussier than normal at the beginning of the week, then Thursday topped it off!

Let me set the scene: Wednesday night I was cleaning up the house getting things ready for Miss H to go to bed.  Chris was holding her so I could finish up a few things...then it was off to bed for all of us.  Well, Bob (our cat for those of you who don't know her...yes her) was prancing around Miss H's room with me as I put up some laundry.  Next thing I know WINSTON is in full force sprint to attack poor Bob.  Did I mention they still after almost 2 years are not BBFs.  Winston wants to bark and play with Bob and Bob wants to have nothing to do with him.  As he is charging at her he slides on the wood floor and hurts his leg....(insert loud yelping from dog here).  I stop screaming at Winston to not attack Bob and pick him up as fast as I can.  Then yell to Chris for help....well he has Miss H.  I say lay her on the floor.  It is then that we have to pop Winston's knee back in place.  Now we have a pup who is only using 3 legs....just great!

On to Thursday: I already had a vet apt for Bob at 2 so I told Chris he would have to deal with the Winston issue... I mean I can't do dog, baby, and cat all at once!  He took Winston in the am and left him to be seen by a dr when they were free.  Our vet is pretty popular so we often do this.  Miss H and I get up and begin our day, which started out lovely!  Come lunch time we met up with Chris who said Winston had to have x-rays...I figured as much.  Then said they would call him back when we should go chat with the dr about it.  After lunch Miss H and I run some quick errands and head home.  Once home we get notice that the house is going to be shown at 3.  No problem we will probably still be at the vet with Bob.  We already had a showing at 6 that night so it would all work out right?

1:30 arrives and I speak to the vet, they want to chat about Winston when we come at 2 for Bob's visit.  Great now we will have all animals and baby at the vet at the SAME TIME!!  Thankfully Chris randomly drops by the house I tell him he as to go too so we can talk about Winston's knee.  He was fine with that but had a meeting at 2:30 he had to be at.

2:00 we arrive at vet and I ask if we can chat about Winston first since Chris had to leave.  Sure no problem...Well we get in find out that poor Winston is going to need some major knee surgery (cha ching cha ching cha ching).  However, it is not immediately needed just some time soon.  Basically his tendon no long sits on top of the knee bone and they need to cut it deeper so it can sit back in there.  Needless to say his knee will pop in and out till we get it fix.  GREAT! He is only 3 years old, really!!
Bob's check up goes much quicker.  Then we head out to pay and they go to get Winston for us.  Chris realizes he really needs to leave because it is now 2:30.  So he is paying and we hear.....the dreaded noise from Miss H.  You know that noise that occurs when major pooping is going on.  I say oh no she is pooping. Chris is like well it will have to wait for a moment.  Next thing you know......I look down to no longer see her cute little leg but poop everywhere!

This poop-tasterfe is worse than the car blow out...and it just kept coming.  Great now I have Miss H in her car seat that is now covered in poop.  Bob in her kennel in the bottom of the stroller and Chris holding Winston on his leash.  But Chris had to leave!  I looked at Chris and said this CAN NOT WAIT!

Bob, Miss H and I hit the bathroom quick....I try cleaning up the poop mess as best as I can in as little time as possible.  Of course Miss H is just enjoying life and not really helping out as I was trying to hurry.  You know she is putting her legs out straight not bending them, or keeping them bent not letting me wipe her up.  It was a DISASTER in there...Bob just meowing away in the stroller and Chris talking with me through the women's bathroom door.  I threw paper towels in the car seat buckled her up then we were out.  Now to drive home with a dog, cat, and poopy baby!  Oh and guess what time it was now almost 3.  Do you remember what was happening at 3 at my house....A SHOWING!  I rush home and as I pull up to the house it occurs to me- I THREW MISS H"S PANTS AWAY IN THE TRASH AT THE I did not mean to, I was in such a rush everything on the changing table went in the trash...PANTS included!  AHHHH

No time to worry about that I had to get the animals in the house and Miss H semi cleaned up before the people arrived to see the house.  3 trips into the house and all animals and people are inside... Now to clean up the car seat and Miss H before the people arrive.  First things first get the car seat pad out and in the wash to soak.  Number one rule to getting baby poop out: wash off poop and soak asap.  Then to Miss H's room for a baby wipe bath and a new outfit!  All of this is done as I keep looking out the window for the people.  If there was a camera in our house I am sure someone would have had a blast watching this whole ordeal go down!  Geeze....Finally I got the wash machine full, poopy car seat pad soaking,  baby cleaned, and back in her car seat ready to leave.  As I open the door to walk out...the people pull up.  Perfect timing!  I apologize for just leaving and welcome them in.....Now I can finally worry about THE PANTS!

Miss H in her cleaned up seat with a new outfit ready to go, again! 
Miss H and I truck back up to the vet, thankfully some where in that mess I did talk with Chris.  He called the vet and asked if they could look for her poopy pants.  HA but they enjoyed that phone call.  We walk back in and sure enough the nice nurse had found them and pulled them out.  That was probably the best part of the who ordeal.  I didn't have to dig in the trash full of poo to find the pants covered in poo.  Bless her heart for doing that! Next stop for Miss H and I was HAPPY HOUR!  Yes, this breastfeeding mommy needed a DRINK after all that!  My 1 glass of wine was so delightful and much needed.  That is only the 2nd time I have had an adult beverage since Miss H was born...and man was that time worth it!  I am thankful for a few things on the AWFUL day!  1) That we still have the car seat coushin in our car seat as it took the poop and not the car seat it's self 2) I have dear friends who will meet me on a moments notice for a drink and chatting 3) that Miss H is so easy going when messes like this occur!


Kara said...

What a bad day, but let's talk Winston.... Poor little guy!

Jen said...

Sorry to hear about Winston...but your poop adventures make me laugh.