Monday, May 07, 2012

Country Living Fair and Bats too!! has only taken me a week to get things back to normal over here.  Mom, Miss H, and I took a little road trip to Austin last week!  Mom wanted to go to the Country Living Fair because it was the first time they would be in Texas.  Of course if they are so close we had to go.  Mom, Abby, and I had planned to all go....but at the last minute Abby had to go on vacation with her family.  Thus it was Mom, Miss H, and I.

Miss H was a trooper the whole time.  We had such a blast down there.  If you are not sure what the fair was, well it was basically like the magazine coming to life.  At least that is how Country Living explained it on their website.  We really were not sure what to expect, but we knew it was a must.  Apparently their Ohio fair is AMAZING.  Maybe one day we will venter to that one too.  It is in a small town and basically my understanding is it takes over the whole place.  I can imagine it would be fun, but we were glad to start out closer to home especially since we had Miss H with us.  Mom and I bought the early bird tickets that allowed us to enter at 8:30 instead of 10.  Basically you got to shop with fewer people at that time and man was it nice.  We enjoyed the calmer shopping.  On the first day at 10 it was like black friday shopping in that place...people swarmed and started grabbing things right and left.  It was kind of funny.

Of course mom and I could have bought tons of things....but we didn't have much room thanks to traveling with a 3 month old.  Miss H narrowed our car space down, but we still managed to buy some really neat things.  Don't worry next time we head out we will take a much larger car (hint hint dad).  Not only did they have great vendors but they had some neat dyi demonstrations too.  We got to enjoy some of those, but our favorite was Cash & Cari from HGTV.  She showed a lot of ways to repurpose old items!  If you haven't watched her show you should check it out.    All I can say to sum this up is....I love being a mommy who can travel around with my mommy.  We had such a great time.

Here are the many pictures...but blogger and I were in a bit of a fuss as it wouldn't let me load them in the order I WANTED!  Sorry they are so out of order!
Just showing off a little bit of the first day fun!  
Look who was having a blast at the hotel.

This is what we looked like when we MOVED IN!

and this is how it all was STUFFED in the car

Up so early to begin our shopping...can't you see she was still tired

Day 1 of 3 here we come....look Miss H went back to sleep! 

This is when the masses (10:00) of people poured in

I thought these were super cute...and I'm sure we could make them

I love this little girl...she just strolled along

Picture with Cari from Cash & Cari

Lunch break! Miss H enjoying a break from the stroller 
the sign we got for Miss H's room...

Mom with my seed sorter!
Okay this is funny...they put long horns in the middle of the venue, I guess because it was in TEXAS! 

Here we are at the end of Day 1....Miss H sleeping again

tummy time can be done anywhere...

mom organizing all our wonderful treasures...

waiting on a dyi event!  This is where Miss H enjoyed eating too

shopping really wears her out

Day 2 we spent time in the 2nd is a view from the top
 Okay so while in Austin mom wanted to enjoy an Austin event.  There is a bridge there that has become home to over 1 million mexican bats.  Every night just as the sun sets the bats take flight.  Apparently it is an amazing even to watch as they just cover the sky.  We thought we would go to it our last night there....Only bad thing is we waited till 10:20 pm and THEY NEVER FLEW!!!  Normally they are out by 8ish...not the night we went

I love these 2 pics...Miss H was talking it can see she is good at it.

BB and Miss H waiting on the bats...hoping not to get pooped on.

still waiting...and nothing happened! 

Here we are MOVING OUT!

And STUFFING the car even more

just another pic of some of the things we got.  The B's are for my nephew's room

waiting on the bats to fly!

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jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

hahahaha...we also waited for the bats and they NEVER came out...we were there from pittsburgh, and everyone said..'you have to see the bats'...never showed...maybe we were there on the same night !!
glad you enjoyed the country living fair (i was a vendor)