Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This week and weekend we were vey busy.  I'm sure you could tell since I was a couple of days late with Miss H's monthly update. To begin our busy week Chris' sister Melissa was in town.  Sadly she was here for work purposes and they kept her very, very, very busy.  But we did manage to squeeze in 2 trips to see her.  I wish we could have spent longer with her but she was in meetings from 8 am til 5 or later...poor her.  Nothing is worse than a vacation but not getting and free time. Anyway, Tuesday we managed to head over to Dallas and had dinner with her and Whitney (his other sister who lives here).  It was so great getting to catch up with her.  Then on Sunday night we got to enjoy dinner again with her but also with Chris' aunt and uncle who live close by.  I loved letting Miss H see all her family.  Chris' aunt and uncle had not seen her since she was born so that was fun.  We had the best time....I'm just sad Melissa and her family live all the way up in MAINE!!

Then my dearest of friends from college is getting married next month!  Mom, Abby, and I helped host her wedding shower here in town.  That means Queen Tia and Prima Little Bear came to visit for the weekend!!  WOO WOOO!!  Mom came in on Thursday to help gather things for the shower.  Queen Tia and prima couldn't come till Little bear got out of school.  It was "clay" day at school and she didn't want to miss her opportunity to work with her clay project.  I totally get that! But once everyone got here we had a very busy weekend.  We spent all of Saturday in Dallas.  Man was it a long day for Miss H but she was a very good trouper.  We did some shopping and lunch before the shower. (I'll have shower pics later thy are on Abby's camera)

Then after the shower we of course had to visit American Girl!  Little Bear had something she needed fixed...plus she loves that store!  I was very shocked when we only walked out with one item!!  All though she is eyeing a new baby bringing her total baby doll count to like 46 when she gets it!  I think that would be like 8 American Girl babies too.  Finally to top off our busy night we ate with my sister and mother's good friends who live in the area.  WHEEWWW! Long day but so much fun!

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Kara said...

I know Saturday was a long day, but Miss H was great all through our wait for the table and dinner on Saturday night!

I don't know how sad I'd be that Chris' sister lived in Maine. Sounds like a great excuse to go to the Northeast on a fairly regular basis! Love it there!