Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Surprise trip to EC

I love this picture of them loving on their cousin.
Mom and I had pretty much done all the shopping we could do at the Country Living fair, so Sunday we packed up and headed out.  Originally we were going to just head back to my house, but soon plans changed.  Mom mentioned going to my I looked to see how far or close we were.  My sister lives 4 hours from me, so I was thrilled to see that we were only about 2 hours from her house.

Now the problem was...Abby's family was on a cruise and returning that day.  I told mom that the ship would dock early because it would want to leave with new people that evening.  Sure enough as we were just wrapping up packing my sister calls.  She said we are back!!!  Mom and I planned to surprise them.  Then she and the kids began the pressure....hey your close why not come see us, we haven't seen Miss H in forever, the kids want to see you auntie....and on and on it went.  I kept telling them we needed to finish shopping but would call back around 5 when the event ended.

Mom, Miss H, and I all headed out.  Of course the drive there Miss H did not sleep one single bit...she was a little fussy.  But hey who can blame her she has been traveling all over Austin and the Travis Expo center for the past 2 days!  Also my phone kept going off with text from Abby and my brother in law.  I just kept telling them that we were shopping and we would see later on.  The funny thing is my bil texted litterally 10 minutes before we arrived at their house in EC.  I gave him some bs about mom buying something...and on we went.

When we arrived we snuck in the back yard.  Then I had to do some handy doggy door work...stuck my arm in to unlock the back door.  Man were they SHOCKED when we came busting in!  Everyone was super excited. We loved visiting them.  Our stay was not as long as we would have liked, but they will be here next weekend!  After 2 days in EC we headed back home....thus ending our tour of Texas and putting us back home for some routine in Miss H's world!

Miss H just playing away not sleeping on the drive
They couldn't wait for her to wake up to play with her.

Cousin B got lots of time with Miss H because it was not his school day

Enjoying breakfast with Little Bear before she heads to school

Miss H and I with my sister and baby noodle! 

Miss H kissing her soon to be cuz baby noodle
Cuz B putting a tower on Miss H's butt to knock off..

Daddy so happy to have his baby home!

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Abby said...

We were so surprised! Come back and visit us again, we miss y'all!