Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Noodle has arrived!

Well as you know from my last post we have been very busy!  Chris, Miss H, and I all spent last weekend in good old Minnesota with his family.  We had a blast....however, my sweet sister almost caused a couple of heart attacks.  I was nervous about going to MN because she was very close to having her baby (even though her due date was not till Aug 20).  She has been very ready now and I just knew it would be my luck to get all the way to MN and miss it.  How could I miss such a wonderful event?  Plus who would help with my sweet niece and nephew while she was having the baby...yes baby noodle is number 3!  Good headed down on Saturday to be there in case something did happen.  Then we arrived home Monday morning and Abby had a dr apt that day at 11.

She of course was dilated more, but thankfully the doctor wanted her to come back by on Wednesday.  Thus the great down on Monday after our early morning flight or wait till Tuesday morning?  Well, Miss H provided the answer to that question once we got home Monday morning at 10 am.  She was a fussy bussy....I think those dang teeth are soon going to emerge!  It was not my sweet baby, she pretty much fused all day and wanted to be held.  Of course I had to do that how could I put her in the car and drive 4.5 hours.  Thus we would head out Tuesday am bright and early.  Miss H gets up around 6 for a feeding and then will normally sleep about 2 more we got up ate and then I threw her in the car.  She was a trooper sleeping 4 of the 4.5 hours there.  The last 1/2 hour she played in her carseat and was thrilled when we arrived at lunch to see her cousins!

Thankfully we headed down on Tuesday....even though Chris was sad we were leaving for an undetermined amount of time.  Because on Wednesday Abby and Brian went to the dr.  Mom, the kids, and I all stayed here (her dr is 1.5 hours away in Houston...yikes) because Abby just knew they would be coming home.  Around 12 we got the phone call....

LOAD UP and COME ON we are going to have this baby today!  The whole house erupted with sweet niece and nephew could not wait.  Miss H cried because it was so loud....and she was not too sure what was up.  Mom and I then had the luxury of loading up the kids, our selves, my sisters hospital bag (because she refused to take them because she knew she was coming home), Miss H's stuff.....oh and arranging it so that we could fit my dad in the car when he arrived!  It was craziness here I tell you.  But we arrived at the hospital at around 2:30 to find Abby in the room moving right along.  When she arrived there she was at a 5 already!!  I wouldn't know what that was like because well you know I apparently don't dilate, ha ha ha.  No worries all of the families were there ready for the baby by 6:15.  We joked because we didn't know if our dad would make it before baby noodle was born, but he did! (he was in Vegas and caught the first flight to Houston)

6:41 p.m was welcomed with a sweet baby boy....Baby Noodle was no longer a question!  He was a beautiful strong little guy.  I am so excited to have a new little nephew and a cousin close in age for Miss H to love on.  He is so stinking cute and little (you forget how small they are).  My sister did an amazing job and all went as perfect as could be.  I couldn't imagine a "real" birth since mine was a c-setion! I don't think I would have been good at it and am thankful I didn't have to try.

Here he is cute as can be Mr. G! 

Now they are the cutest family of 5!

Miss H and Mr. G! They will cause such trouble, I can already tell! 

Of course I have a billion pictures from his birth. Plus since we will be here for another week you know I will take millions more.  You should note there will be another very long picture overloaded blog to come next week! :-) What a sweet blessing for my sisters beautiful family!  We just can't get enough of this little guy!


Abby said...

We are soooooooo glad you made it in time!

Jen said...

Congrats to your family! What were his birth stats?