Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New title

Okay so as you know I am no longer teaching...instead I have become a stay at home mommy!  Well, I think that is not 100% accurate!!  Why? We are NEVER at home!!  Instead I think I am going to give myself a new title ON-THE-GO mommy!  That's right we are on the go all the time.  Actually as I sit here and type this post I am laughing because at the end of this month Miss H will have done 6 flights (plus a small road trip soon too)!  I am so thankful I have a sweet husband that doesn't mind letting Miss H and I travel around.  Most of the time it is with him, but sometimes it is not! Also I have learned it is too bad a lap child can't earn frequently flyer miles...we would be racking them up if so, ha.

Let's see since we got back home from our awesome trip to Boston and Maine we were home um about 8 days! In the week were home Miss H had her 6 month check up, I had a dr apt as well, and we held baby boot camp.

Just chilling one morning!
Baby boot camp...yeah well that is what I called it, ha.  Basically I began the task of having Miss H sleep through the night without her 3 am nursing.  The first night was a little rough, but the second night was great.  I like to think that it went well because she....began solid foods!!  Let me tell you she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them! Since we are on the go so much this month I started her out with just breakfast and dinner.  She loves cereal, sweet potatoes, and peas thus far.

First solids
Miss  H also began using the sippy cup.  She is not 100% sure but will give it a go here and there.  She also got to use her highchair finally! Since we were out of town it took a few days to get that put together! But here she is loving it, thanks Queen Tia and co!

Miss H is also now officially a sitter with NO WORRIES!  Yes, she has been siting without support for almost 2 1/2 months, but she would still get off balance every now and then.  Now I can pretty much leave here sitting up and not worry to terribly much about her falling over.  Falling forward is another thing, she wants to go so bad that she will push her self forward and then realize sitting was way more fun!  It is kind of funny.

Sitting with daddy acting silly!
she loves to read her "who loves baby book" it has all her family in it!
Also since she is now 6 months old I have begun teaching her sign language!  She is very good about knowing what the signs are....of course she won't begin to sign them back for about a month. Right now we are doing the basics milk, eat, more, water, dog, cat, sleep, all done, mommy, and daddy.  As she becomes more aware of those I will start some fun ones like ball, book, specific foods, dirty, play, and much more!! My sweet niece and nephew were pros at signing and I hope Miss H is too!  It is funny to show her the sign for eat and she begins to smack her lips while waiting!

Oh and a new favorite trick!  SUCKING the right big toe at any chance she gets! How cute is that?

Waiting on our flight to see Bb and Papa!
Back to our ON THE GO life!  Last Tuesday we headed to my parents.  Miss H and I had our 2 flight just the 2 of us.  It was wonderful as normal, I am going to be sad when she stops sleeping on the plane.  She does such a great job, nurses and falls right to sleep.  I think it is because the plane noise is like her sound machine noise she sleeps with.  We had a blast with my parents all though we were there with a mission.  My mom has just retired from teaching as well.  However, she taught for 19 years, unlike my 6.  Due to her teaching for so long she has acquired many teaching items....and well needed to sale them all.  Miss H and I went to help.

just chilling at Bb and Papa's

Miss H and I feeding my mom's turtles.

playing at the sale, loving life

mmmm sweet potatoes

showing off her skills by playing with two toys at once
We spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday setting up the remainder of her items to be sold.  Then Friday through Sunday were spent at the sale!  Mom did pretty good on getting things out the door, however, she still had some left.  But all in all I think was pretty pleased with the turn out.  It was so fun spending the day with mom and her good friend Janice, we had tons of laughs and Miss H gave us a good show too (that post to come tomorrow and it is a big one)!!

Back at the airport ready to head home and see daddy
So late Sunday night Miss H and I arrived back home to see Chris.  Thankfully he didn't miss us too much as he too was out of town from Wednesday till Friday!  Let me tell you what Miss H was thrilled to see daddy when she got home.  She had the biggest smile on her face it was so cute, and she just screamed like crazy!
The happiness when we got home to see daddy!
Whew just writing this post makes me tired!  Although we have no time to sit and relax as we have 2 more trips planned.  We are about to head out to Chris' parents and my sweet sister is ready to have baby noodle any day now.  Actually tomorrow she visits the dr to see if that day may be sooner rather than later!  She really still has 3 weeks but her doctor seems to think that won't happen! YIKES!!  As for us, it is time to REPACK the bags and hit the door!

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Jen said...

Wow! You are so busy...and so lucky to have such a good little traveller. She is so stinking cute!!