Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miss H is 7 months old!

Harper you are SEVEN months old!  

This month you weigh around 15 lbs (this is not a dr. month!)  You are now about 26 inches long! You are a growing girl and we couldn't be happier.   You still wear size 2 diapers.  Some of your 3-6 month clothes are too short, but you fit nicely in the 6-12 months.   Mommy has enjoyed your on track size, it makes shopping ahead so easy.

Between the past 2 months you have become a little traveler.  You have now been on 6 flights between family vacations and seeing grand parents.  You also have mastered a road trip to your Queen Tia's to see your new cousin be born.  Your flexibility is amazing.  You never seem to bothered by all our coming and going.  Mommy and daddy are very lucky that you are so easy going and always happy. I think you enjoy seeing new places and being with family!  There have been very few days you fuss a lot.  On those rare days I normally blame that on the idea of teething popping through!  

Monthly stats:

Nursing: You are still nursing every 4 to 5 hours.  The distracted eating this month has become crazy!  I blame this on the fact that we have been traveling so much.  I mean it is hard to enjoy a meal when your  around new people and places!!   

Eating Solids: MMMM you love your food!  You eat cereal every morning now when you get up.  You have also begun having a variety at lunch and dinner.  Thus far you have enjoyed squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, avocado, banana, and apples!  The only one you kind of make a face on is apples!! You love them all which makes meal time great.

Sippy Cup: You have really become a fan of the sippy at meal time. You also got to use a straw this month.  While visiting Nana and Grandpa Steve-o you found a straw to be very fun.  You have not managed to suck the water all the way up every time, but you at least have the idea.  

Smiling: Your smile changed up a little this month.  Now you make this silly little nose squish as you smile.  It is probably the cutest thing ever, but I do miss your old smile.  You still are a smiley one.

Talking: Still a little chatty girl!  You have kind of begun mixing it up though.  Some days you yell some days you talk.  However, if you want someones attention then you will sit and yell until they look at you, and then smile all big! 

Awareness:  MOMMY DON'T LEAVE ME!   That is the phase we have officially hit.  Last month you were aware when I walked out, but now you immediately start SCREAMING!  This means we have to start going to Mother's day out some.  You need to realize mommy will come back and you can have fun without me!  I know it is a phase but still I don't want it to be painful on either of us.  
On the go now ALWAYS!!
Observer: My little observer.  You love to sit and watch as others around you do things.  First you watch then if possible you do it too.  You watch your cousins and then try so hard to do what they do. I love to see you process things through.   

WINSTON and BOB: You still love your pets so much.  You just talk and talk to them.  However, this month you have gotten to love on 2 other pets.  You met Lily while we visited Nana and Grandpa Steve-o.  Also you got to love on Bailey while we were at Queen Tia's house.  No matter the dog you love them all.  

Sleep: Guess who sleeps through the night!!! Yes, you sweet girl you are officially sleeping through the night without any feedings.  You are doing so good even with all of our traveling we have done this month.  Mommy loves sleeping all night too.

Your hands:  You are a pro with these now!  I can't believe the things you can get your hands on these days.  We have to be careful not to set anything too close as you will grab it in a split second.  You are also really chewing on your fingers lately, I think teeth are coming soon.  I love that you can handle your toys with such ease.  You have become such a great little player putting toys in and out too.  Plus your hair pulling has settled down some which I am thankful for.  

eating everything in site
Mouth: NO TEETH! However I feel as though any day we will see one the way you have been chewing and drooling.  Your drool factor has upped by like 100%.  You have started this new little thing with your mouth, it is cute.  You open and close your mouth like you are talking.  I think you like to hear the nose your tongue makes as you open and close.  It is pretty funny to watch.  

Your legs:  Your a mover, but we knew that from the start.  You now are "crawling" or as I like to call it inch worming around.  You can get in the official crawl position but have found inch worming is much easier for you.  You can also sit and pull up on your knees while playing.  Your legs are so strong and I am sad you will probably be pulling to a stand soon.  

TOES: You still love those toes!  You love to suck them and use them to get toys.

Bath time: You are getting so big.  You still love your bath and I love that.  You get all excited when it is bath time.  You have take baths in various spots this month but no matter what have loved them all.  I am pretty sure you could sit in the real tub, but our real tub is very tall and deep.  Mommy's back would not be pleased with this so we stick to our baby tub!

Rolling over: You have learned that if you can't inch worm it to the thing you want you can roll.  You love to roll around now.  If you fall over while sitting you just roll your self over and keep on playing! 

Giggles: I love your sweet giggles.  I love that you are happy and giggle everyday.  You make your self laugh which is even funnier to me.  

Sitting up: You are a pro now! You sit up so good that I no longer worry about you falling and hurting your head.  You pretty much spend your whole day sitting up playing.  You can even lean down and pick up a toy and manage to sit back up.  Your skills are pretty impressive, just when I think you won't make it back to a sit you do!     

Things you are almost doing:

Pulling up, you love to pull up to your knees.  I am thankful you are only that brave.
"Real" crawling, you can inch worm like crazy.  You know the position but haven't figured it out just yet.   

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You visited a new state this month, Minnesota.  
You took your first trip to Nana and Grandpa Steve-o's house.
You meet your new cousin, Baby Graham.
You drank from a straw.
You sat in your first high chair at a public place.
You used your stroller with the seat, not your car seat!
You visited the Mall of America!

Your favorite toys are still Sophie, Olivia, and your tub toys.  However, you are now really into toys that sing and move.  I am sure this next month you will have some new favorites!
always talking these days
The past 7 months have gone so quick.  You continue to amaze me every day.  You are the sweetest baby around.  I don't know many 7 month olds that could travel for almost a month straight and still be so happy.  You are very flexible which makes our traveling so wonderful!   Daddy and I can't believe how big you are.  Every month is our new favorite stage of your life! We feel so blessed to have you as our daughter.   We love you all the way to the moon and back!

And for the monthly comparison....

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