Sunday, August 26, 2012


Here he was just after his surgery! Poor guy!

FINALLY our 8 weeks of JAIL are over!!!  You don't know how happy WE all ARE!  I am sure Winston is the most excited but we are pretty happy too.   I mean the poor guy has been in his kennel for the past 8 weeks thanks to his knee surgery.  Not only has he been in there 24/7, but every time we go out of town he had to go the vet for his over night stay not 4P Doggie Dude Ranch (his favorite). Sweet boy has managed pretty good for a guy who was in jail.  But I don't think he realized that his sister was busy learning new tricks.  Now she likes to crawl over to him and "pet" him.  Although he is not too sure about that when she does.  I think more than anything he is shocked she makes it to him because before jail she was not moving around.
Now this is our happy boy!
Chris and I are thankful to have some freedom too, we now can leave him and not worry about if he needs to potty.  Plus I no longer have to carry him out to do his business and then carry him back in.  H is happy about that too because she would get upset when I had to take him out.  She wanted to come but mommy couldn't hold Winston and she got to stay in the saucer.  Oh and the best thing is someone will get to go to 4P this weekend!!!  He will be so EXCITED when he realizes that.  Yes he is still on the no jumping on things list but at least he is out and about walking as he wishes.  Oh happy day in our house!

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Kara said...

I've been getting progress reports from Abby, and I'm so happy to hear Winston is better!