Thursday, August 02, 2012

Breaking News!!

Okay if you live in the DFW area and are at home watching the news most have learned that our news stations are crazy.  Most days they will have some random BREAKING NEWS that they break to as if it is a major event.  I would say that um 90% of the time it is not that BREAKING, but they feel it is.  Thus in our house Chris and I have began a silly little thing where if anything fun, random, or interesting happens to us we call the other...and begin the conversation with "BREAKING NEWS". That being said last Friday I called Chris and this is how it went.

me: Hey honey how are you?
Chris: Fine and tired (he had just gotten home from a work trip)
me: So if this was a normal Friday (one where we both were in town) what would you be doing now?
Chris: be at home with you and H.
me: no really wouldn't you be at happy hour (trying to not feel bad about what just happened)
Chris: probably not, why? (wondering what I am getting at)
Chris: laughing...oh what could it be?
me: MISS H just CRAWLED!!!! AHHH and I hate that we weren't at home for you to see it.  But I got it on video, on mom's phone because I have no more space on mine.
Chris: NO WAY, really? Send me the video!

Yes, folks last Friday after the sale was over Mom, Janice, Miss H, and I were all just chilling at the house.  Miss H was playing on a blanket, actually she had been playing nicely for about 2 hours there.  We were sitting around her just chatting about the days events.  When she leaned forward and well went for it.  Now keep in mind crawling is a stretch at this point.  However, I believe the word crawling means moving forward to get from one spot to the next.  In this case Miss H has for sure done it!  She has gone from point A to point may not be on all fours but she did it.  Chris was not impressed at first, but now sees that yes she is a moving!  He also asked that I not let her play on the floor again till we got home on Sunday!  He didn't want to miss her getting good at it. No worries she is still using her head, lol.

I can honestly say I have never seen a baby use her head in such a way as our sweet girl did!  Now ignore all our chatting in the back ground...but here is the FIRST CRAWL from my sweet baby! Oh how sad I am as she gets older and that I have to baby proof for real now!

Here is another video I took while we were at my parents!  The bed proved to be a nice spot to crawl around on.  I am just worried she is going to get a little rug burn on her noes and forehead! Sweet girl!

Did I mention OUR WORLD is OVER? 
No more sitting still and playing nicely.

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