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Rocky Blizzard fun....

(I apologize this post is a little long) 
Ready to get on our plane to Denver
Miss H and I are back home finally!  Our vacation was one for the memories that is for sure!  Miss H and I met up with my family in Denver this past week.  We went for my dad's mom's 90th birthday...aka a family reunion!  Miss H and I took off Thursday to be greeted at the airport by my mom and dad and aunt.  Our flights were all on time and Miss H slept through both of them! I was a little nervous because this was our first flight not nursing...but it worked out great.

Thursday night we just hung our with some of my aunts and uncles. Then really late that night my sister and co arrived.  Their already late flight was delayed making it even later, poor them.

Miss H hugging Baby G when she first saw him...she loves him

My sweet little nephew baby G...what a cutie pie
Friday was when all the fun began.  We got to spend the day shopping and hanging out with all of my dad's family.  The nice thing is Miss H got to enjoy all of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and GREAT grandparents for the FIRST time!  We did dinner as a group and man was that fun.

Miss H and I keeping warm while shopping in Boulder.

 Enjoying a little beverage before we took off for dinner.  Little Bear and Miss H are having a blast!

My cousin Melissa meeting H for the first time and her daughter Sammy.
My sisters family always borrow a car while in Denver from a friend...which works so nicely...until the car wont start! YIKES!!  Turns out the family who owned the car just got it out of the shop for this reason...and it had to be towed away to be fix AGAIN!  Thank heavens my dad brought a suburban (due to the snow that fell back home on the day before the trip)  Saturday we didn't have time to mess with the car issue because it was the big birthday party!  Thus we all packed up and headed over to the party.  What a blast we had playing with everyone, listening to the crazy stories, and so much more.  Love good quality family time.  Also while we were they we all got word of a "BLIZZARD" that was headed towards Denver.  No biggie for us because we didn't plan to head to A-Town till Monday, but some of the family was headed out on Sunday.  YIKES!  Oh and poor Miss H was not feeling well and got sick at the party.  That was enough to end our night....back to the hotel we went!

My dad (2nd to last) with his mom, step dad, brothers and sisters...
dad getting a little gift from his mom and step dad
Miss H playing with my cousins happy they finally met each other!
H playing with all her 2nd cousins
Little Bear and Syd making jewelry together..such fun
H wanting in with the big boys so bad....
Our family pic with my grand parents...minus Chris who had to work!
All the GREAT grand babies with my grandparents
Finally a family pic of us....again minus Chris 
babies babies and more babies...all finally meeting and playing
The group sitting and chatting! 
Sunday morning we woke to a very very very snowy Denver.  Not just snow but wind was WHITE everywhere we looked.  Miss H was feeling a little better so I thought we were in the clear for any illnesses.  Plus I was feeling so bad that she was around so many people yesterday...I would hate to get them sick!  The big adventure of the day!!!  DRIVING to get Abby and Co a rental car.  Man was it an adventure.
Rocky hitting around 8:30 am...yikes
Little Monkey building a wall between our rooms...
Miss H checking out the blizzard 

The front 2 rows loaded up...
and the rest of us squeezed in....
Little Monkey photo bombing our 1st attempt of a car pic! 
Needless to say by around 2 we had a car rented for them and were still in the middle of a blizzardy mess know as Rocky!  After lunch Abby and Co were off to Winterpark for some skiing fun...they were staying 3 days longer to ski!  Little Bear and Monkey were so excited to ski!   Mom, Dad, Miss H, and I all headed back to our hotel to just chill.  Good thing too because Miss H got sick again that night.  Interesting enough it was around the same time as yesterday...and she had some pretty bad diapers. Poor baby girl, I placed a call to our after hour nurse.  She told me to prepare for all of us to be sick as this bug spreads quick. She felt like she just had the 24-48 hour bug.  Well good news was were were 24 hours in..I guess if there is a good part about it.  Year 2 isn't starting out so well for Miss H...RSV and now a tummy bug!

lunch fun before Abby and co left us to ski!
the other side of the table...ha
I love this... Pa Pa and H playing around in the room.  She loves him! 
Monday morning we woke up to learn that Rocky had made his way right to A-Town.  Not only had Rocky headed that way but all roads into A-Town were CLOSED!!!  What....we were suppose to be heading back to mom and dads!  Miss H and I planned to drive with them to A-town stay 2 days then fly back home.  AHHH looks like we were spending another day in good old Denver.  We got to head over to my Aunt Alice's house and enjoy some family time.  I of course was worried sick that Miss H was going to get sick again...but thankfully she didn't!  She actually was starting to feel better which was great news.  Other great news no one in our family got sick at all.  Thus I don't feel like it was the stomach bug everyone has been getting.  I think maybe she ate something that didn't agree or all the different waters (since that is all she drinks...that's a whole other blog) make her tummy upset.  I am so thankful my sister's family didn't get it especially because they were skiing!
loading up and moving hotels...for our extra night.  
Miss H moving her bed around in our new room. Such a helper
Tuesday we had high hopes of making it to A-town...down fall was the roads were still closed.  A-town ended up with 19 inches of snow! YIKES!!! We loaded up the car and headed for the Texas boarder.  Finally around noon I40 was re-opened, down side that is not the road we normally would take.  Our normal road was still closed so we had to add 2 hours to our already long (6.5 hour) drive....We arrived in A-town by 8:30 pm.  Miss H did great on the drive.  She had about an hour when she was fussy about still being in her seat, but that passed after some creative playing!!
sleeping for the first 2 hours...whoo whoo
check out the snow storm on the mountains...
listening to her music from TCU music class
reading a little too

oh just holding all her toys for gosh sakes..

Happy to be at BB and Pa Pa's finally! 
The snow drifts in our driveway...yikes and this was after a day of sun!

 The huge snow drift by our front door...It was as tall as me.  Miss H not a fan of cold snow!

Wednesday Miss H and I headed home to see Da Da!  Sad news is that we didn't get to enjoy our time in A-town like we planed.  However, we did get our extra time with my family just in a different spot.  Also Miss H not feeling good sucked...but again she got to be apart of her 1st blizzard!  Actually I think it was my first true blizzard with "white-out" conditions.  All in all the crazy mess of a vacation ended pretty great!  I mean really what would a trip be if there wasn't a little craziness...(and I didn't even mention the crazy people staying at our hotel!)

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