Sunday, March 03, 2013

Bricks and stone

Wow we are gone for ONE week and so much changes!  Miss H and I headed over to the house when we got back to find.....a REAL house!  The house has been bricked and stoned!! I can not believe that they did so much.  There is still some bricking to be done but they are waiting on more brick to arrive.

Not only did they brick the place but we have dry wall too! WOW  That's right every room has been dry walled and is ready for texture. I can not believe how it looks.  I am so amazed to see each room with walls.  H was a sleep in the car but man will she be shocked to know she can't walk through the walls anymore.

formal dinning room
front entry  
view from kitchen to dinning area

kitchen view from living room 

living room

doors to patio...including Winston's

stairs to 2nd floor...couldn't make it up for pics

our soon to be favorite spot

our master bedroom

Miss H's nursery

back side of the house...

close up of brick stone mix

What's up next for the house:
Finish the brick on the game room
Build the grill on the patio
Texture the walls
Install the cabinets

I think that is a lot for the next week!  We will see how much they get done.  I know the cabinets are in production, but of course we wanted to make a last minute change.  Hope that doesn't slow them down anymore.  I have a meeting on Tuesday with the lighting woman.  Oh gosh to pick out all the lights in a house seems like such pressure!!

The fun thing about all of this is seeing your choices come together.  I mean I feel like we picked everything out years it is fun to see it all come together.  Thus far we are beyond pleased with the way our building process has gone.  We have an amazing builder and foreman, I am so very thankful!

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