Saturday, March 30, 2013

Miss H's first hunt

We were so excited when Miss H's friend LK invited her out to the TCU Easter Egg hunt.  I have driven by this event before and it is pretty big.  Imagine a field covered with eggs...  TCU puts on a great hunt.  The front lawn is covered in eggs and divided into ages (which is super nice).

Of course the weather had to go from beautiful to freezing cold the day before the hunt.  Welcome to Texas right!  Non the less we just bundled up and headed out.  Miss H did a great job for her FIRST egg hunt ever.  I of course had big plans to have her practice at home, but got too busy.  We gave her a run down before the hunt...if you can imagine how that went with a 14 month old.  It was like this "H see the "balls" go pick them up and put them in your basket!  She of course kept signing and saying "ball"  Ha so much for that!  But in the end she did really good and got lots of "balls" or eggs as we know them.

We got a few pictures from the very chilly event! 

just the eggs in the 0-3 year old area

 Miss H not a fan of Super Frog...but it's okay with her Sooner Mommy!

Sweet LK and H before the hunt

Holding her back as they counted down to start the hunt
She was ready to go!

Look at her loot....pretty good for a first timer.

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