Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Smash cake session fun!

Okay let me start this by saying I am so in LOVE with these photos.  I wanted to do a smash cake session for Miss H's first birthday, but January isn't the best time of year to take pics outside.  I searched high and low...and started looking in October.  No one in our area really had a studio so I had no other choice than to go with an outside location.  I was bummed and well had to make my self okay with the idea that she wouldn't be in her bloomers covered in cake.

Then we had our next little issue...RSV, hospital stay! Remember that wonderful week of events.  Of course that was the week we were doing her smash cake session! AHH Poor baby looks so sad and sick there was no way I could do that to her or the photographers.  Needless to say that brings me to our WONDERFUL photographers.  Who were kind enough to move H's session back a week or two..even though they are busy moms too.

Sweet LaRae took Miss H's pictures and man are they the best to work with.  I am not kidding they are so great.  What I really love is that they are sisters, have kids, and both take pictures at the same time.  I am certain that is why we got so many wonderful pictures.  Plus they had super cute props for the session.  I can't thank them enough for the wonderful memories they have given me.  Okay so I had to post pretty much all of them! If you live in the area I would really recommend them.  They made my "vision" come out perfect for her session.

 Now time for the CAKE!!!

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