Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lights, paint, doors, and floors...

All I can say is this house is moving right along!!! I can not tell you how wonderful it is working with our builder and foreman.  This has been the best building experience ever! I know lots of people who looked at me like I was CRAZY when I said we were going to build.  They were very quick to say that comes with lots of issues...keeping on the builder, small disagreements between the spouse when picking things out, and time concerns.  None of those issues have really even been on our radar!!

We are so thankful for the great work we have going on. Also thankful at how quickly things seem to be moving along. The past two weeks were pretty busy for me on the house front.  Not too much has happened in the house but many final decisions have been going on.

Miss H went back to MDO on Tuesday for the FIRST time since her RSV illness.  I was a little worried because just before the RSV she got moved up a class.  Thus she really didn't know the teachers so I was not too sure how the day would go.  When I dropped her off and she was a little nervous, but they busted out her favorite thing FOOD!   I am so glad she had a great day because I had a very busy house day.  I spent the morning picking out all of our light fixtures for the house.  I am so happy I had a wonderful consultant to help me since Chris was out of town for work.  I also was very proud that I didn't go over budget!!  It's the little things, ha

As I was there I got a call from Jason our foreman that the trim guys were at the house.  They wanted some direction on a few of our closets and such.  I rushed from the lighting company to the house.  I was in complete shock when I arrived...we had garage doors! WHAT WHAT  oh and that is not even all we had WOOD floors too!  The trim guy probably thought I was nuts because I was excited about that.  Oh and the fact that they were putting all the doors in the house and other wood work.  We got all our closets, pantry, and such worked out.  Again I am glad Todd hires great guys who think things out and can help you think things out.  I mean some things I would have done and it would have been a disaster.  They can think in ways that you don't...that's why they are great a their jobs.

The other task I had to work out was paint! YIKES  I mean we had picked out our paint for the whole house (Amazing Gray Sherwin Williams) except Miss H's big girl room.  I am in no way moving her to that room but I want to go ahead and have them paint it so I don't have to in a few years.  Of course they called asking for that...and I was still on the fence.  However I have finally picked it out and am very excited. Her nursery will be painted like it was in our old house.  I just loved it so much I couldn't imagine changing it. Plus baby number 2 will get to use that room (no baby yet...not for a while).   After picking paint stressful  we also got the rest of our brick/stone work done.  They finished our fireplace inside the house. I like how it turned out.  They also finished Chris' outside kitchen.  I really love the way the fireplace fits in out there!

The house is really looking wonderful.  We are just in a small hold because our cabinets are not ready yet.  There were a few factors there that slowed us down.  The cabinet guy was out of town and then I was going out of town...and such.  Needless to say it will all work out this week.  This week we plan to get cabinets in, maybe paint on the walls, and some flooring going in.  Oh and our circle drive and main drive too!   I can't wait to put Miss H's sweet little hand and foot print in it!  Here are some pics from the week with all our changes.

back of the house...with the grill in

the new doors
outdoor kitchen
fireplace and wood floors in the living room
kitchen getting ready for cabinets
looking into entry from formal dinning room
some of the closets ready
Miss H trying to get in the back door
looking at da da from the living room windows
looking out the front window of formal dinning room

running free in her soon to be home

looking out the front door!

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