Monday, March 11, 2013

Random pics

Life has been busy like normal around here.  We are getting back to a normal schedule from all our traveling.  I have taken some random pics here and there that I have taken over the past month or so!  It's a random post for sure!
 Getting up from her nap.  I love that she is peeking up from her crib.
And she always has to bring at least 1 if not 2 blankies out after her nap. 

silly girl...daddy put you in the laundry basket! 

cutie pie

 Just chilling on your changing pad! 

making a few calls on mommy's phone
 loves looking at that baby in the mirror
 such a funny girl...took the empty cat littler all over, then made a seat to read on.
 Enjoying some fun at our children's museum
 peek a boo
 Just doing a little mowing, even one handed! 
She loves to play her drums...

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