Monday, November 04, 2013

Happy Halloween

(a few days late…)

Halloween was a blast for Miss H, mommy, and daddy this year.  I am pretty sure Miss H is going to think she can go to a festival every weekend…because we hit so many the past few days! Also she loves that they have jump jumps and I had to tell her they are all sleeping now…little dose she know they will never wake :-)

Daddy and H carved her first pumpkin.  I think daddy enjoyed it more…but H liked playing in the seeds.  It was a win win for all parties involved!

Miss H had 2 of her sweet friends come trick or treat with her.  It is funny because they are close in age but H is the only full on talker.  The three would walk up to the door.  H would knock then say trick or treat.  The other 2 girl would just follow along and hold out their hands for candy.  H was a little sad they were getting candy too as she wanted it all for her.  I loved watching these three walk up to each door it was so dang cute! I am so thankful we have sweet friends to share these fun holidays with.

Here are ton…WAY to many Pics from the week of events around our world!
Miss B the bee

Of course Winston had to come too…as a basketball player

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Cutest octopus ever! Having little friends is such a treat!
I'm so jealous that H is a talker. Sophia prefers to sign right now, although she is starting to talk more.