Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and Black Friday fun

Happy Turkey Day to you all!!  As Miss H would say "Gobble Gobble"!!  Hope you enjoy tons of yummy food.  Chris' family always joins up with some friends for Thanksgiving.  This year it was their turn to host…making Thanksgiving day a breeze for us.  I mean we really just kicked back and relaxed…instead of rushing around cooking.  

Chris and his brother went out and got my required 2 newspapers…yes I don't like to share my black Friday ads!! Plus sometimes one paper misses an ad or two. Miss H enjoyed some breakfast and then coloring with aunt Riley.  She also got to watch the Thanksgiving day parade…and really enjoyed the singing part.  Other than the we just hung out and enjoy Thanksgiving before heading to lunch.

We had a wonderful time with all the gang on Thanksgiving.  The food was great and so was the company.  I love spending time with everyone on and catching up.  Miss H really enjoyed the food she had turkey and ham.  She says she liked the piggy best, ha.

No time to rest this year and enjoy a turkey comma, because Black Friday deals were waiting!  Of course Black Friday in Texas is a million times easier because well it isn't FREEZING!!!  However, we bundled up and took off ready to take down the crowds.  Miss H, Riley and I took on Target while the buys took on Sears.  No matter if we got the deals or not we had a blast! I love the rush and fun of Black Friday shopping and I love that the Roberts clan has openly accepted my crazy ways.


just getting in a quick ride! 

After shopping we made a quick stop by the big guy in a red suit!  We chatted about it the whole way in line and Miss H was ready.  Then as soon as it was our turn she began to cry…she didn't want to sit on his lap.  But she did want to tell him what she wanted!  She loved that he had on Crocs, thanks Santa thats all she talks about!! Also wonders why our Santa here doesn't have Crocs on.  Needless to say he was the sweetest Santa around hugged her and tried to make it work, but NOPE!  So we shall try again. 

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Loving how much H talks (and I'm so jealous of it too)!